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In Which The Bruins are Un-Awesome, but Awesome Comes From Elsewhere.
May 13, 2010 | Filed in: AWESOMESAUCE, Boston Bruins, History, stanley cup

Apologies for the fact that THTM has gone loosely dormant. I’ve just made a move to Boston to go to (more) school, and have been running around like a chicken with my various appendages out of joint trying to haul boxes and find a summer job and all of that good stuff.

BUT YES, let us talk about hockey.

FAILBOATS, the FAILBOATS WHAT? I refuse to believe that David Krejci is the be-all end all of every Bruins game ever. Don’t get me wrong, I love the shorter half of this brain trust just as much as ever, but I find it hard to believe a team that can fight through missing Savard is now falling all over themselves because of missing Krejci….. at least physically. Perhaps mentally the blow was harder, but it still seems a little far fetched to me.

It seems to me though (brilliance from Sarah’s house last night,) that the Bruins have two sorts of players, those that set the tone, and those that just follow the general trend of the team. I think last night it was Ryder I was calling out as a team sponge-if things are going generally well, he’s all up in that doing well (and scoring) thing. If things aren’t going so well, Ryder is generally useless. In short, he somehow can’t seem to change his own fate, and has to rely on guys like Savard and Krejci who can usually force change to get anything going for him.

Granted, the idea’s a little crazy, but I’ve seen it on sports teams that I’ve played on-some people just really can’t make that bad-game to good-game transition for themselves and some can. Others can’t transition, but will work like hell at it, which usually helps the rest of the team somehow.

And in the actualfax AWESOME of the day, go back and check out this entry from back when I was in Hershey working on my thesis. I had found record of a Lois Fegan reporting on Bears games and facing issues with being allowed proper access (at least initially).

As you can see in that post, I had poked around some and tried to find her, but never found anything conclusive.

Instead, just today she found ME!

Here’s the comment she left on that post:

Yes, there is a Lois Fegan Farrell alive and well but no sister Mabel. I live in Hershey, Pa. I am ninety-three years old the widow of newsman Gene Farrell. I no longer cover sports but do have wonderful memories of those days and was thrilled to have picked up on your site. It is such an honor to know that one has been immortalized for a job that was so enjoyable.If anyone else has any memories of those days be sure to drop me an email ([email protected]).

I’m already scheming trying to get an e-oral history. If only I hadn’t left the Mid-Atlantic already!

(oh and also, Finland beating the USA in the WC? SOLD!)

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