Thursday, September 27, 2007

Flyers/Caps Preseason 9/26/06

Not much hockey in the recent past, but that changed as of tonight, when I plonked my butt on a train to Philly to watch the Flyers' A team roll the Caps' B or C team, 2-1, up close and personal.

Officially, for all the Hloggers who were wondering, Kristen is not an axe murderer. She is a very nice person with a ridiculously good seat, which according to her ticket guy (who sat next to me for part of the third) used to be a photographer-specific seat. Aren't we glad, then, that I took the StalkerCam 800000000. (Kristen is also AWESOME for extending these two free tickets to two other Hloggers… let’s hear it for enabling the poor grad student.)

FlyersCapsPr2 054
Yes, this is how close I was sitting. Ridiculous, eh?

(flyers.femme swears that Johnson did a double take when he saw me sitting down the the first row, wearing the ubiquitous HBears sweatshirt. What, you've only seen me twice before, at camp, with the loudest group known to man.)

Overall, teams seemed pretty evenly matched. For as much mucking around in the corners as we got on one end, we got the same amount at the other. The Caps seemed generally more aware of where the rest of their team was and played with arguably more style, but the Flyers did look to be winning more of the faceoffs, and got a couple of lucky shots, even if they DID refuse to FOLLOW THE PUCK IN. There was more shoot-and-turn out of them than I think I've EVER seen out of a hockey team. The Flyers also seemed more willing to dump the puck and then stand around waiting for something to happen than they did to go in and create plays.
The Pensive ClymerUh... team?FlyersCapsPr2 008
Please to be noting Flyer STANDING AROUND.

The Philly goals went to Ben Eager and Boyd Kane while the Caps goal was courtesy of your Brian Sutherby. Eager was the Flyer with the long shot from the circle that Johnny dingled.
That's a goal in progress.

(as seen here.. completely idle picture that happened to be of a goal. Me for the win)
Biron and Johnny didn't do anything especially amazing-they each had about one heroic save, and then a bunch of so-so average ones.

Scrum wise, this was a GREAT game. We opened with a Cote/Brashear, then went later into a Boulerice/Erskine, and I think we had at least two, possibly three good all-team corner shoving matches, one initiated by Caps Chick's favorite Ben Clymer. And I took pictures, of course. Wouldn't be a goon slut if I hadn't.

Another.. artsy... shotFlyersCapsPr2 075FlyersCapsPr2 088
(I have to say, my favorite part of that last one is Tiny!Briere, who looks like he's saying "But I wanna fight TOO!" and the Cap holding him off.)

On the Danny Briere front, I had been trying to stay semi-neutral with a side of light abuse, but what I saw tonight just made me want to jump the glass and grab him and start dropkicking him across the rink. Not only did he take at least one fall that I saw and do the "But Mr. Ref! I'm on the GROUND!" thing, at the very end of the second he BLATANTLY AND OBVIOUSLY BUTT-ENDED some poor Cap in the ribs. And there was no way it was an accident, as he was facing INTO the cage and all the refs were behind it, effectively blinding them. The entire section around me immediately lit up. You'da thought it was a Caps home game, the way these Flyers fans went off on their 12 Million Dollar Man. I'm sure a few choice words heavily involving the letter "F" and comparing Briere unfavorably to an article of feminine hygiene equipment also left my mouth, much to the displeasure of the parental units of the small children sitting next to me. But seriously WHAT is this problem Briere seems to have keeping his stick to himself playing Washington?
If I were to be nice, I would agree with what Kristin was saying about Briere just not really fitting with the Flyers style of play... he seems to want people where they don't want to be, and it's not helping the team advance its purpose at ALL.If I were to give you my true opinion of the little jerkwad after seeing him play in person, I don't think this blog would be fit for family consumption. I'm still trying to figure out why in the Sabres quad of Drury, Soupy, Miller and Briere I didn't hate him and now I really sort of do, but that's its' own long drawn out psychological entry that I don't even want to deal with. Let's just say that Briere and I don't especially get along.

That's all kids. Remember to thank your goalie and be sure to tune in next time, when our heroine debates the merits of driving 6 hours and THEN going to see hockey.

Goalie Love


CapsChick said...

Great recap!! I'm so jealous that you were up that close, and yes, I'm sure Johnny remembered you from training camp. We subtle. :D

Bring on the Briere hate, I love it! Oh, and that Cap holding him off in that picture (which is a great shot, by the way) is Steph's Miiiiilaaaaaan Jurcina. He's a big bad tower of awesomeness.

kristin said...

Thanks again to you and Nadine for taking the tickets off my hands.

I was feeling so bad for you and the fact that you basically lost 9 hours of your day to pursue hockey! I was really feeling bad that you still had another hour plus on the train while I was already comfy cozy in my pjs!!!

Great pics!! And many future mentions of Briere will be as Tiny! it!

Nadine said...


great post. love the pix.

by the way, you and i made the final shot in the slideshow for last night's game. (weird guy in orange was blocking kristin. sorry!)>ype=1&gnum=75

(BTW: kristin, thanks for the tix! i promise not to blab so much next was just my first live hockey fix of the season. not to mention what a rare treat to be in the presence of two serious female hockey fans.)

kristin said...

Oh my god! I could kiss that guy for blocking me from being in the picture!!!!

Ha ha!! Teka is in a Flyers picture!!!

And at least you look intelligent in the pic, Nadine. I always look stoooopid!

And next time, I will get there on time and we can have plenty of time for talking long as it is about hockey from 2006 on...that's as far back as my hockey history goes. Or you can educate me....