Saturday, September 22, 2007

HO-LY Hello!

Sometimes, I like thinking that I can influence the way the world works. Other times, I'm willing to admit to the Great Coincidence.

Right now, I'm not sure which it was, just that the Bears have come up with a new ticket option: walk-up $10 tickets for Wednesday and Sunday games that aren't HERSHEYPARK pass nights. You're sitting in section 210/211, but I present to you again the hypothesis that there are no truly awful seats in Giant Center.

My not-so inner Poor Rent-Paying Student is bouncing off the walls with joy right now. Between the Pens keeping Student Rush around and the Bears offering their own version, DAMN, there's going to be a lot of hockey I can see this season!

(For more information, visit the official Bears blog, Walton, Wired and Unwired.)

(EDIT: Speaking of Pens Student Rush, at the crack of noon today, I received a text message telling me there were Student Rush tickets available for the Pens/Wings game at Mellon tonight. This makes me ridiculously happy as well, because even though I can't go to the game (dammit, work!) I now know that I will have just enough time to hop in the car and gun it towards Pittsburgh. Hooray!)

(EDIT AGAIN: So y'know how I was saying earlier that I really was hoping that Army'd get a second crack at the Sid line? Ah, yeah. That'd be tonight, according to the Pens tv interview with him. Seriously, anyone want me to start picking lottery numbers? I'm on a roll today!)


kristin said...

Wow, Pittsburgh is a heck of a ride for a game on short notice!

Teka said...

Shh, I've actually signed up for the Flyers' student rush too, to see if I can get tickets to a Flyers/Pens game in Philly instead.
But don't tell anyone, or my street cred will be totally shot.

Shmee said...

Woohoo! I cant wait to get up there for a Bears game.

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