Sunday, September 16, 2007

Time Sink!

To keep you entertained while I download pictures from the HLog D.C. convention and remember what all happened, here's your funny of the moment.

I finally got around to checking my Google Analytics for here for the first time since I set it up, oh, a couple of weeks ago.

My keyword hits, in order:
Martin St Louis.
"Abby Malone" photo album. (I'm obviously not the only one who attempted to find that.)
"Sidney Crosby" "Butt Looks" -"porn" (Sorry, no non-porn Crosby butts here.)
how can I tell if it's a groin strain or something else
how should a hockey fan jersey fit
sidney at malone's wedding
unee forms
itchy rash after playing hockey (Okay, EW.)

Hot damn, Bears. Granted, it's a screencapture from NHL08, but that's not too hideous as far as the new Edge uniforms go. I was hoping they'd re-think the diagonal names but I can live with that. I can definitely live with that.

Back to your regularly scheduled schoolwork. More to come later (when I can stop reading)


kristin said...

Pictures!!! I need pictures!!!

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