Sunday, October 7, 2007

15 Seconds of Interweb Fame

So, remember that Flyers game I went to a while ago? Nadine (aka flyers.femme, aka that screaming head on the side of the picture) alerted me to the fact that I was wasting part of my 15 minutes of fame appearing in Flyers press pictures. (click to enlarge)

Please to be noting that in the midst of the Flyers fans at the Flyers/Caps preseason game, I am wearing none other than a Hershey Bears sweatshirt. Yes, I live my life on the EDGE, yo.

(May I also say that I'm glad I managed NOT to look like a complete tool? Go me!)


Elly said...

Nice seats!

kristin said...

You look so happy that the Flyers won!

Nadine said...

probably has more to do with the seat...that was a great place to sit.

plus, by wearing the bears sweatshirt, she displayed a friendly face to johnny while he was in enemy territory. (that's my story, and i'm sticking to it!)