Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ahead of Schedule?

HERE NOW! Limited time only! The schedule (pronounced, shed-yule, of course) for my NaBloPoMo bid.

Monday: Hockey Hair of the Rich and Famous
Tuesday:Meet: My Ultimate Fantasy Team Player Du Jour, otherwise known as Players You Should Follow and Why.
Wednesday: Hockey Youtube Madness!!
Thursday: Meet: The 2007 Hershey Bears (if they ever quit moving around)
Friday: How Do I Look, Hockey Style (in which I analyze logos/uniforms)
Saturday: Hockey Blog Pimpage Day. (If you want to be pimped, let me know)
Sunday:Best Week Ever... On Ice! (in which I decide who is having the best and worst week ever in Hockeyland)

(And as always, i reserve the right to abandon some day randomly and insert a game review or an idle rant, or a letter to VS telling them how much their announcers make me want to roast my own eyeballs over a fire.)

In Bears news, it's been officially said that Deano won't be back until 2008, which makes me sad. Not only because he's really doesn't deserve the crappy luck, being a nice guy and all, but also because the team could really use the leadership, especially on the blueline. Hopefully (and I'm looking at you, CapsChick, to assure that this happens,) Ben Clymer can step the heck up and fill some big maroon skates, what with his previous NHL experience and all.


Nadine said...

1. Some YouTube reel has to be goalies and saves...has to be!

2. I cannot wait for the hair blogs.

3. Feel free to hit me for any Saturday in your month.

4. Random, idle rants can be so much fun!

Teka said...

Oh, don't worry, I'm already planning a goalie fights day.

HBears Fan said...

Don't forget Max's fight from last year!! The Bears should never have left him go.