Friday, October 5, 2007

As per all the hubbub about "OMG WHAT IF FLEURY GETS HURT CAN SABOURIN BACK HIM UP," I want to whip out my AWESOME predictory skillz and say:

PITTSBURGH PENGUINS to SIGN ILJA BRYZGALOV. Because Bryz and Fleury? That'd be a duo to see. I'd be okay with EITHER of them starting, and EITHER of them backing. And the Russian troublemakers of Bryz, Gonch and Malkin? Hi-LARIOUS.

In lesser news (if you could get lesser than THAT,)

Beagle-Watch 2007 still has Jay Beagle in Hershey. He didn't play in the Pens game last night (as I suspected), and according to the Walton blog, Coach Boudreau wants to play him in the next game, so it's looking hopeful that Chocolateville will be Beagleified this season. Most of the ECHL guys who are leaving are being farmed back now so they can be there when ECHL training commences tomorrow... so the fact that he's still here I'm taking as a good thing. (Dear Bears, please don't Clymer the kid. He's got potential)

Speaking of the ECHL:
Mayotte-Watch '07 has a post on the Reading Royals message board FINALLY confirming that Kris Mayotte IS, in fact, at least doing camp there. They only seem to have one goalie on the team at this point, so he's in position to do well for himself if he delivers another Caps-camp worthy performance. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because the guy's a stellar goalie and needs a good break at some point.

Enough midnight blogging from me!