Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blog-On-The Run: Sidney Crosby Revealed

I have given in. I haven't fallen to the lure of Sidney Crosby yet (although VS's lighting of his big brown doe eyes pushed me perilously close) but I did deign to watch "Sidney Crosby Revealed" before the Pens/Rangers game tonight. Here are my thoughts.... as they happen.

Okay, the kid keeps lessening my intense dislike of him. He wanted to be a goalie.

Thank you, Sir Sidbits, for not reverting to your juniors orange afro, even for as much crap as we've been giving you for the greasy wet look. This is drastically better, which tells you just how bad the orange afro was.

I really still think that Pittsburgh must be a lot like Portland. Pittsburgh LOOKS a lot like Portland, except for that whole steel-milling thing.

Sid sees the Ovie thing as a "great storyline." Dude is a born marketer.

Ah, Lundqvuist on the difference: Crosby is smart, makes other players better. Ovie's a pure goal scorer, the end.

God, this is like Sidney Crosby for Puckbunnies with ADD. Can't they stay on an image for more than 5 seconds without the little flashy graphics?

Honestly? You're calling Crosby a rugged version of Lemeaux and Gretzky? Are we looking at the same chubby-cheeked babyface?

The quote "Only a hockey player laughs about a broken foot" is false. The VS dudes have never met Dosa Badazz, roller derby captain extroardinaire.

Well. That was a half hour of silly.

And as for the actual game? Well, here's what I got before I started hollering at the TV... and making dinner... and having to leave to coach water polo.

Hooray! The first MStaal on Staal action ever! And of course, they'll pick on Jordan. Here's hoping Marc tried to give him a noogie...or has Pettinger sufficiently noogied him for the season?

Colby Armstrong has a really great announcer name... when they announce him at the beginning, he's got vowels in all the right places.

Aww, Staalsy. You've got a booboo from practice?

(insert me making macaroni and hollering at Gonchar here.)

If you want a real re-cap, head to interchangeable parts. The ookies nailed this one.