Thursday, October 18, 2007


Yes, as you may have guessed from the stunning keyboard pyrotechnics in the title there, the Royals final roster has been posted. Guess who got traded to the Fresno Falcons? He couldn't even have gotten sent to the Thunderbirds or the Winterhawks or something local to SOMEWHERE I might get to see him play again? FRESNO?)Dammit, give the dude a chance!

Now, I know I should be looking at it as a "maybe he'll get more time in goal playing in Fresno" or realizing "He's too good to be kept on IR for the entire year with only a chance to play once in a while" or taking an "All he has to do is have a good year there and SOMEONE will realize the kid's talented" stance, but right now I just want to kick things.

This is me, now kicking things.


(I was even going to go into preliminary attempts at the hockey hair hall of fame using Mayotte's unfortunate freshman year bleach choice but it seems undignified to kick the guy when he's stuck in Fresno down.)


kristin said...

I love how he looks stunned in the pic.

"fresno?!? WTF?"

Damn, that boy is hawt!

KMS2 said...

No, he's thinking "Fresno? Does that mean I have to wear a wife-beater all the time?" Welcome to "Shithole Town", kid.