Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Dear Mr. VS Announcer Keith Jones, Spouting Your Mouth and Little Graphics Off at What You're Calling the Halftime Report of the Canes/Leafs Game,

There's no way the Anaheim Ducks sent Bobby Ryan down to their AHL affiliate in Portland OR, as no such team exists. Trust me. There is no hockey of note in Portland Oregon, or I like to believe I would have noted it significantly earlier. (Okay, we have the Winter Hawks.... um, enough said)

However with a little bit of internet effort, I have discovered that the Ducks tell us only one page into their website that Bobby Ryan was, in fact, sent to the Portland Pirates of Portland Maine.

Now, I understand how you could get the name of the cities mixed up, as they're similar, and I'm even willing to understand that the states are only a whole country apart. I'm willing to think that you attributed the Pirates to Portland OR because we're a bunch of salty salty dogs.

BUT. If you would please to be looking at the history of the Portland Pirates, they've been in Portland ME since 1993. You, Mr. Keith Jones, started playing Big Time Hockey in the NHL in 1992, WITH THE WASHINGTON CAPITALS. WHO USED THE AHL PORTLAND, ME PIRATES AS THEIR FARM TEAM FROM 1993 UNTIL 2005.

Mr Keith Jones, I do believe I have just proved that not only are you merely a questionably reliable reporter, you're also kind of an idiot.



Nadine said...

isn't "no child left behind" a wonderful thing? i mean, where would we be if people had to study geography any more?

Finny said...


seriously. too damn funny. when I first found out we had a farm team in portland, I thought it was in OR too until I researched it more and found out it was clear cross country. =]

but that totally sucks that some announcer totally botched it... what a fool.

made me laugh.

finny @ girlwithapuck.com