Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Halfheated TV Hockey Blogging.

Warning: Ahead lies some truly stream of consciousness blogging.... I make no promises that any of it will make sense. (I'm watching the pre-game and the two games on VS, the Ducks/Wings followed by the Stars/Avs. I'm a little apprehensive about how they're gonna do it if the Ducks/Wings go into overtime, but it's VS, so OBVIOUSLY they have a plan. Right?)

Tonight is also the AHL opening, so the Bears are up in Wilkes-Barre slaughtering the Penguins.I thought I was going to have class tonight, or I might well have considered making the road trip. I'd be watching them as well, but the AHL games don't so much make TV, and I don't think even my little ADHD brain could listen to the Bears on the radio and watch the Ducks/Wings on TV.

Anyway, on with the blabbering.

-It's not even a Pens game, and they're pimping Crosby on VS. It scares me a little that they're calling the thing on Sid they're airing on the 23rd "Sidney Crosby Revealed." That sounds a little too much like we're going to see the elusive Sidbits, and that scares me. A lot.

-WOW, the Joe is empty. Does nobody CARE? Detroit, where the hell are you? Your tickets are still reasonably priced, yo... go see some games!

-They have an Angry!Emery commercial to go with the Angry!Briere shooting pucks through windows? Whatever happened to the "Look, The NHL Is Funny!" ads? I miss those.

-HOORAY! Bryzgalov is starting. In a sick way, I'm glad Giggy had hernia surgery, as it's giving Bryz a chance to show he's not just a sound bite machine.... as much as I love him for being a whiz with the reporters, dude's a talented goalie, and he should really be starting on a team that would fully appreciate him.

-Hasek, I disliked you before, but whacking Perry in the butt and yelling at him? I dislike you even more now. Quit being a bitter, floppy old man and grow a pair. That's right, for crap like that you get a diving penalty, AND you make Bryzgalov look even better.

(Bears Break! Pens are up 2-1 at this point. Hot damn. Chris Meinard, please not to be scoring any more. And what're we calling a KNUCKLE PUCK? Isn't that a Mighty Ducks invention? And PLEASE, G. McNeill, I KNOW you just want to go out and maul a bitch, but not when they're up. No more silly penalties, boys. I'm also very amused by the fact that they have Dean Arsene in the press box giving sound clips. Points to him for using the term "dipsy doodle" as well. I don't think as a player I'd be able to sit there and do that. I'd be forever yelling directions at my teammates.)

-And now I make chili and yell at the Ducks for being out of position. Dammit, Pronger, can't you control your team?

-32 saves for Bryz. That man is a machine.

-Again, with the fact that I should go buy a lottery ticket. Guess which game's going into overtime? Yeah. And VS is staying with it, for once.

(Bears Break! Reviewing a goal... the one that put the Pens up 5-4. And it's given to the Pens, but Deryk Engelland got the assist, so I can't be TOO unhappy... except that the Bears then lose. Deano chalks it up to 'bad luck' and a 'missed call by the linesmen' Damn.)

Whew. That's exhausting, listening to two games at once. There's no way I'll be able to keep that up through the Stars/Avs. Not to mention the fact that I know possibly 3 names/numbers on BOTH teams together in that lineup. Nope, this one gets me just watching.

So this is me, signing off, and still scheming a new way to finance my Star-Trek style transporter to enable more live hockey. Ow. My brain hurts.


Elly said...

Fluffy! Fluffy is staying! Yay!

Teka said...

Hooray! He's officially on the roster! (But have you see the Mug Shot of Doom? It's made of pain.)

Steph said...

This was the first non-sellout in I believe 396 games BUT even so, it is generally absolutely impossible to tell if the Joe is full or not because NO ONE. STAYS. IN. THEIR SEATS. EVER.

Angry Briere ad just annoys me. Give me back stupid Cheechoo on a surfboard.