Saturday, October 27, 2007

More Head Injuries

Just because Mad Max is sporing a head injury doesn't mean everyone else in the greater east coast area needs to jump on the bandwagon. Simon Gagne(Flyers) left last night complaining of 'dizziness' and poor Chris Clark (Caps) took an Ovechkin slapshot in the side of the head. Word on Clark from all sides is that he's gonna be fine- the puck hit him in front of the ear and just shook him up a bit. He'll be back sporting stitches, but he'll be back. No word at this point on what was up with Gagne, but supposedly he'll be trying to work back in as well.

Last night saw the Bears beat the Baby Sens in overtime, and also taught me that I really shouldn't listen to hockey and drive at the same time. I got home safe, but let's just say the focus balance between 'Bears game' and 'roadway' Kyle Wilson kept his perfect record of a goal per game, scoring the overtime winner, and regretfully, the home crowd missed a Beagle fight AND a Clymer fight. Obviously someone had to make up for the lack of Louis Robitaille.

Potulny also got a pretty moment last night. His second goal was directly off the faceoff that resulted from the Sens' first score. He didn't even let the announcer in the arena get through who had the assists before throwing it in. It's great listening to a goal like that on the radio, because you can just HEAR the commentator lifting off his seat and going through the roof. I think it was so unexpected there wasn't even a goal horn (but I could have been wrong.)

Poor Beagle just also can't get a break. I think last night he pinged at least one off a post and almost slid it by Binghamton's Glass in the five hole at least one other time. Keep playing the way you have been, man. You'll get the first AHL goal yet, I promise.