Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pre-Game Blowoff....

(clears throat)


I'm not a puckbunny,
Or an Ice Girl.
And I don't wear pink jerseys,
makeup, or boob shirts to the arena.
And I don't know Deano, Louie or Cassivi from the Bears,
Although I've heard that they're really nice guys.

We have a Commissioner
NOT a leader.
I speak English, Referee Sign, and Hockey
NOT baseball.
And I pronounce it 'Bow-med-i-enne'
NOT 'Bowmendine.'

I can proudly tell you I watched training camp.

I believe in forechecking, NOT goalie interference.
Shot blocking, NOT shots to the head.
And that the NHL is taking all our good blueliners away.

A 'biscuit' is a puck,
A 'sin bin' is a penalty box,
And it's pronounced 'Po-tul-ny', not 'Polluteny,', 'Po-tul-ny'!

Hockey is the second greatest pastime!
The only thing to watch while avoiding homework!
And the greatest sport in the World!

My name is Teka, and I AM A HOCKEY FAN!

(Stolen from Ashley)


Ashley said...

Niceeee.. :)

kristin said...

Oh I thought it was Poultry, like a chicken! (kidding)

Have fun today press passing it up!