Monday, October 8, 2007

Report from Reading:

Kris Mayotte is NOT amused.

(from a Royals forum member Rich. See more of his pictures of the Royals at

There was also a good article in the Reading Eagle about the "goalie glut" the Royals have- they took Pietrasiak from Hershey (but he may get called back up there, depending on how Machesney heals and whether or not Cassivi spends any time in Washington) and then got given Jonathan Quick from LA. Supposedly at this point Quick is pretty much a shoe-in for one spot, so the other three are duking it out for the second position

From what I'm hearing out of the Reading fans on the messageboard, it's sounding a lot like nobody quite knows what's going on... Quick is the only guy I've heard a vocal outpouring for, and with my @%(@(%)$#&*!!! schedule keeping me from getting down there and actually SEEING a practice OR a pre-season game, I'm having to get it all second hand.
The Eagle seems to like Mayotte though, giving us this;

Mayotte, 24, grew up in the Pittsburgh area. After four stellar seasons at Union College, the athletic Mayotte started last season in the AHL with Albany before settling in the Central Hockey League with Arizona.

“He had unbelievable numbers in college,” Taylor said. “He set the world on fire. And then last year he started really well and blipped a little bit. So he’s fighting back to get his nose in there and do what he needs to do.”

I'm still holding out my "Kris Mayotte Deserves A Chance" banner, but I'll admit I'm starting to get discouraged.

At least Mayotte's staying positive:
“My expectations are to outplay them and win the job,” said Mayotte, who was in camp with Washington (NHL) and Binghamton (AHL) this fall. “I think that’s everyone’s expectations, to outplay the other goalies and make the team and go on from there.”

Here's always hoping :-)


kristin said...

more like May-hotte! Yikes!

kristin said...

By the way, Maxime Daigneault was the super talented hawt goalie the bears had last year. (I was trying to think of his name on the way back from our preseson adventures.) This year he is playing for the Milwaukee Admirals though.

I can't find any good pics of him though.... mugshot shows his potential but not his hotness...