Friday, October 26, 2007

Take a pause....

Everyone send some good thoughts to Maxime Talbot today. In case you hadn't heard, he took a header into the boards last night at full speed... from what I hear he was trying to negate an icing call and tripped, sending him face first into the wall.

He was down for a good couple of minutes, and I read somewhere the trainers had to get the smelling salts to bring him back around. He did get off the ice under his own power, but went right to the hospital and they're announcing it as a neck injury. My inner neck injury trained lifeguard is cringing a little at the fact he skated off, but I'll trust the trainers know what they're doing.

Mad Max, heal fast! We need you and the moo-stache back out there!


CapsChick said...

Aw! Max...I do love him, even if he is a Penguin. He's just impossible to hate.