Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Video Du Jour

Okay, okay, it's kinda not new, but it's still funny. I do believe Ovechkin is starting to develop a personality in my mind, and I'm starting not to write him off as an arrogant bastard.

Which is good on one hand, as it will keep Caps Chick from killing me out of Penguin induced spite, and will make seeing some of the Bears boys go up to play with the big boys a little less painful, but at the same time, hell... Ovechkin's developing a half-decent personality. Guess this means I'll have to hit the Tiny!Briere Hate even harder. Hmm. Who else can I find to dislike?


kristin said...

But you love Tiny!Briere cuz he is racking up some serious points on your fantasy team!

Teka said...

He is! I am very internally conflicted! I am also convinced he is some sort of de-agifying midget!