Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Angry Youtube Day

Hello, standard media. My name is Teka, and this is my blog. It's nice to see you finally picking up on the injustice that I've been harping on for the last few weeks.

And because of that, you've driven me to Horribly Underrated Pens Day on Youtube Madness. Yeah. Y'have.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Eric Christensen, Shootout Machine:

Ladies and Gentlemen, part of the Agitation Line: Jarkko Ruutu

Ladies and Gentlemen, Living in Whitney's Shadow: Brooks Orpik

Ladies and Gentlemen, Team Pressure Valve: Colby Armstrong

Ladies and Gentlemen, Career Penguin: Rob Scuderi

And last, but not least, because we need it right now, us Pens fans....