Sunday, November 25, 2007

Best Week Ever

I'm giving Best Week Ever to myself this week, in a fit of egomania, as I have now been to six hockey games in my week off of school. I am broke. I need to stop. However, stopping after tonight will be easier, as I landed Bears-end rinkside tickets. I refuse to look at my bank account for at least a week.

Because of that, tonight is more a giant picspam than an actual account of the game. I will, however, say this. The Bears boys looked tired. I can't blame them, after three games in a row, but they were showing it. They forced through a 3-2 win against the Baby Pens, but nobody was on their best moves tonight. There was a lot of waiting for someone else to get it, and Patrick McNeill still frightens me with the amount of standing and watching the game he does sometimes. The most active person out there was Lepisto, and even he was channeling pure fury to get stuff done.

But anyway, without further ado, Bears v. Pens, a photoblog.

bears_pens1125 009
Come back, Benny Clymer. Louie wants to play! (Also shows you how close front row actually is. Yowza.)

Daren Machesney, aka "Cheezer"
One of the few photos that the grubby glass worked for me in. I was doing my best not to distract Cheezer, so I have maybe one face shot of him in here. Hey, respect the goalies, right?

bears_pens1125 042
the anthem lineup and starting line- Beagle, Lepisto, Clymer, Laing, Boumedienne

bears_pens1125 089
Quintin has a flavor.

bears_pens1125 125
Louie having a conversation with himself. Classic Louie.

McAllister v. Bonvie
I sure wouldn't have taken on 6'7" worth of Chris McAllister. He could pick me up and toss me into the stands if he felt like it. (Technically, McAllister lost this fight, as he was the first down, but Bonvie was the worse for wear)

Go Freddy!
Cassivi shows why he's here. For being awesome, like this.

Sami's got it!
Sami Lepisto keeps an eye on the competition.

Uh... Chris?
Chris Bourque gets fresh with himself. I'm not even going to try to attribute this to Edge uniform issues. He's just... uh.. got his hand down his pants.

Boomer in a not-good place.
Boomer down! Boomer down! (He didn't get helped off- Leipsto and Bourque did, however)

bears_pens1125 365
End game, and some happy Bears.

(Seriously, if you haven't, click on one of the above pictures and go check out the rest. Rinkside seats kill me a little.)