Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fantasy Team Player Du Jour

Although he is only on one of my fantasy teams, I give you George Parros.

I seem to have a lot of Ducks making appearances in the good old Fantasy roll here. But anyway, Pornstache Parros himself was born somewhere in the Washington, Pennsylvania area (how's that for a confusing name?) and grew up in New Jersey before going to Princeton. That's right, everyone's favorite mustachioed goon graduated from Princeton with a degree in economics. He was captain of the Princeton team, and supposedly found his calling as a goon when picked up by the Manchester Monarchs, in 2004-2005 picking up 22 points (14 goals, 8 assists) and 247 penalty minutes. He also flitted in and out of the Reading Royals lineup, coming back to visit his home state occasionally.
His first NHL season was 2005-2006, playing for the Manchester/Reading big team, the LA Kings, scoring his first NHL goal against the Dallas Stars. In this same game, he also recieved an assist and a major fighting penalty, giving him his very own Gordie Howe Hat Trick. In 55 games that season, he picked up 138 PIM. In October of '06, Parros was waived by the Kings and snatched up by the Avs, then traded to the Anaheim Ducks for a 2nd round draft pick and an option to swap 3rd round picks.

In his Stanley Cup season with the Ducks, he had 1 goal and 102 PIM in 32 games played, and already this year, he's working on 1 assist and 26 PIM in 17 games played.

What'd Parros do with his 24 hours of Stanley?

Took it to Princeton, of course.... and then to his uncle's pig roast.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the goon of the fantasy lineup. Pornstache George Parros.

"Rubbing my mustache on the cup was the highlight of the evening for me."


KMS2 said...

"Rubbing my mustache on the cup was the highlight of the evening for me."

Hahaha!! That is too funny. I just can't take him seriously with that mustache.