Thursday, November 22, 2007

A first!

For once, i am the first Hlogger to get wind of the Caps news. As of 10:20something thismorning, Bruce Boudreau (GO BEARS!) is the interim coach of the Washington Capitals, who have fired Glen Hanlon. courtesy of the Caps themselves

Coming off another Bears win yesterday night against Bridgeport (2-1, and they're now above .500!) I'm apprehensive about this at best. Yes, the Bears have won the last 5, but they've also had Boudreau heckling them into it. I've got faith in my team, but I'd also like to see things not change around them, as I know as an athlete how off-putting that can be, and how even one little thing can change how you and others play.

Bears Bench

On the flip side, however, I do see the point that if Boudreau brought the Bears back from their dismal beginnings, there's some hope that he can get the Caps' collective heads out of their asses and get them to perform as a team. Which would be nice, as then CapsChick could stop listening to emo music and crying into her soup. (Just to rub salt in the wound, did you also hear that Clymer was waivered and shopped around a second time on Nov 14th, before being given back to us? tells us so)

CapsChick, you'd better get on the lookout for a new coach for your boys, as I'm taking mine back if anything adverse happens in this weekend's game against Philly.

Freddy leads the troops out of the tunnel

Highlight of yesterday's game? Two hecklers behind the Bridgeport bench being escorted out of the center to raucous applause.

And happy Thanksgiving to all of you damn Americans. I'm currently trying to recover two pumpkin pies in which I forgot the eggs. (But this year, I won't burn the carrots to the pan, I swear!) Everyone else, happy day off from hockey. I suggest Arnica for those bruises, and a good massage. Icebaths as needed.