Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The last Youtube Madness!

Nadine told me when I started YouTube Madness Wednesday that I needed to have at least one day dedicated to goalies. I decided to one-up that request, and have a day dedicated to nothing but goalie FIGHTS.

So, to start us off, a Bears/Binghamton Sens fight at Giant Center 3/3/07 (Also appropriate as the Bears are facing the Sens at home tonight and regretfully, I will be in class. First home game I've missed. *sniff*). From what I can glean, this is Maxime Daigneault for the Bears, and Jeff Glass for the Sens.

I know, I know, you're already anticipating Ray Emery showing up in this one, but come on, you sort of have to include him, as he's pretty prone to dropping the gloves at any chance he gets.

But who has even more PIM in the NHL than Emery?
Marty Brodeur.

Specifically for CapsChick, we learn that Olie's more of a wrestler than a puncher....

.... or is he?

Looks like he's got a mean left hook as well.


CapsChick said...

That Olie-Byron Dafoe fight ranks as one of my favorite Caps moments of all time. If you look carefully they're almost laughing - and that's because they're best friends. Both said later they were just having fun and trying not to hurt each other. Hysterical.

Oh, and yes, he's got a mean left hook, especially against bastard Thrashers. I love fiery Olie!!

Nadine said...

Teka, thank you, thank you, thank you! Best way to wrap up your YouTube Madness posts.

I like the Brodeur, but not for the reason everybody expects. Hank Lundqvist may have the unofficial PTA mom hair-cut, but you can see he wouldn't take any of Jannsen's crap. Ha!

And you topped it off with not one, but TWO Godzilla pieces! Woo-hoo!

It would only be better if you put in Mike Vernon vs. Saint Patrick...'cause Roy looked a little worked over after that one! :)