Thursday, November 15, 2007

Meet Yer B'ars!

Everyone, before we go any farther, please stop to admire the awesome that is the Hershey Bears.

That's their opening video this year (and yes, I got a little misty eyed when they showed Gordon after sending him down). Directly following that, you get a healthy helping of reallyfreakingloud Breaking Benajamin-their opening song this year is "Blow Me Away" from the Halo2 soundtrack. Dorks. (says the girl who knew where it was from. Anyone need an Xbox competitor?)

Anyway, today I give you "5 Random Bears" as I've run out of kicky ways to organize them.

So far, you've met Louis Robitaille, Quintin Laing, Ben Clymer, Patrick McNeill, Tom Maxwell, Travis Morin, Freddy Cassivi, Daren Machesney, Dean Arsene and Chris Bourque.

Today, I give you:

Joe Motzko

Honestly, right now Motzko is confusing me. The Bears have him on their roster page, the Caps have him on theirs, says he's not on the active roster for EITHER, news stories from October 17 have him feeding passes to Ovie, but I guess most conclusive is his hat trick for the Bears against the Admirals on Nov 8. He's been sort of a scoring machine this season, for whichever the heck team he's on. But he's from Bemidji, Minnesota, and just that name makes all the confusion worth it.

Motzko's Superlative: Most Likely to Forget What State he Lives In (currently)

Grant Potulny

New to Hershey from Binghamton, there was some question whether he'd play again after a freakish finger accident in a game against Norfolk. The former captain of the Minnesota Golden Gophers came to Hershey to begin his season, and so far, has put up 3 goals and 4 assists. On top of that, he's currently in the running on the Hershey homepage for Biggest Star so far in the season.

Potulny's superlative?: Most Likely to Steal Band-Aids from the Other Guys.

Sasha Pokulok

As babyfaced as he may look, Alexandre Grenier Sasha Pokulok is 6'5" and weighs 233 pounds. Yeah. That's what I said. Originally from Montreal, he's been bouncing around in the Baby Caps system for the last few years, staring his pro career with a concussion and then trying to spend the last half year fighting back. Obviously, this year he impressed someone enough to make it onto the Bears roster, and he's already racked up an assist and 6 PIM. Not bad for a blueliner in for 8 games.

Pokulok's Superlative: Most Likely to Have His Name Spelled Wrong By A Teammate.

Scott Barney

After making his post-back-injury-out-for-three-seasons-comeback, this LA Kings draftee was stolen from the Grand Rapids Griffins in March of '07 and then signed by Hershey for this year. Already, he's living up to his tough reputation, gathering 14 PIM in 10 games played, as well as 4 assists. Barney is also, in my opinion, the one who rocks the Bears' traditional playoff mohawk the hardest.

Barney's Superlative: Most Likely to be Found in the Box at Kettler Iceplex. (oops)

Sami Lepisto

Coming to you direct from Espoo, Finland this virtual nobody came out of thin air in 2003 and forced people to sit up and take note. He plays a great offensive game, and has some wicked puck handling skills. According to all the scouting sites, he has a tendency to be over-confident and give up easy turnovers, but after healing from a broken collarbone in '06-'07, the Bears are looking to use all his confidence in the upcoming season.

Lepsito's Superlative: Most Likely to Tie Everyone's Underwear to the Zamboni.