Tuesday, November 27, 2007

News from the Other Coast

is that Kris Mayotte is actually showing up in pictures out of Fresno, which excites me, as he was the other baby player we had scouted in Washington. (Ok, I scouted. And he's older than i am. But I've said that before.)
In a stunning followup to yesterday's hair madness, he has also shorn himself. Granted, I'd assume it's hard to shove that much hair into a goalie mask, but still- he and Beagle were voted "most likely to start a boy band" by the contingent in the stands at Kettler, and now he's gone and ruined his big chance for singing stardom.

Okay, okay, fantasy player of the day. Sheesh.


Vincent Lecavalier of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

who is actually on all four of my fantasy teams. Let it never be said I cannot pick centers.

Why is Vinny on my teams? Um, DUH.Lightning owner Art Williams proclaimed that Lecavalier would be "the Michael Jordan of hockey." Right now he's leading the league in goals AND assists, was drafted 1st overall in 1998, and basically was Sidney Crosby before anyone knew who the hell Sidney Crosby was. At 19 years and 11 months old, he was named captain of the Lightning (which Crosby had to then go and break) and in 2004 won the Stanley Cup. He's also prone to random outbursts of violence that make coaches cringe out of fear he'll break his hands on someone, but rack me up a cool 19 PIM in one game.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Vinny Lecavalier.


Elly said...

Ahaha, the St.Louis and Lecavalier video kills me every time.