Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pimpage! Pimpage!

A lackluster post, as I'm too keyed up (LIVE PENGUINS!) to write much that would make sense.

In honor of the team that is playing mine, and the friends that are allowing me to see LIVE PENGUINS OMG, I give you Flyers Blogs I Read (and talk smack to!)

Kristin, my supplier, runs Eager to go Psycho and tolerates me ridiculously well, especially when I go on a Briere as an Oompa Loompa tangent. She just got her own Stalkercam 80000000, so I expect to see loads of Flyers pictures from her soon... and I expect to mercilessly mock most of them :-)

Nadine, the brains behind flyers.femme knows more about hockey than... well... anybody. Except maybe CapsChick, but we have to wait until December 8 for their ultimate showdown when the Bears play the Phantoms. Nadine is also searching for a hockey-related job, and has promised to hire me as her personal secretary if she finds one. Which of course means she'll have to share the hockey swag.


(It sort of goes without saying that there'll be a recap tomorrow. Just hold onto your seats that long.)


Anonymous said...

Het, figured you would liek this. I came across some pictures of Kris Mayotte from 2 seasons ago. Check them out at:

Take care,

Stack the Pads

kristin said...

Glad you made it home okay...looks like you made pretty good time...musta been doing 80 again!