Thursday, November 29, 2007


I've got... nothing. I feel as if spending an hour sorting and introducing Bears would be silly, so we're going to do the quick and dirty version for the dudes you've not met yet.

So far, you've met Louis Robitaille, Quintin Laing, Ben Clymer, Patrick McNeill, Tom Maxwell, Travis Morin, Freddy Cassivi, Daren Machesney, Dean Arsene, Chris Bourque, Joe Motzko, Grant Potulny, Sasha Pokulok, Scott Barney and Sami Lepisto.

Today, I give you everyone else, aka Sean Collins, Jamie Hunt, Tyler Sloan, Jame Pollock, Jakub Klepis, Jason Morgan, Kyle Wilson, Jay Beagle, Andrew Joudrey, Chris McAllister and Josef Boumedienne. We're gonna do it two at a time, and we're gonna focus on superlatives.


Jamie Hunt and Sean Collins
Both blueliners, Hunt and Collins come from Calgary, Alberta and Troy, MI respectively. Right as we speak, Collins is "out with concussion like symptoms" according to Walton, but Hunt's been in there scrapping since day one.

Hunt's Superlative: Most Likely to Fix Your Computer.
Collins' Superlative: Most Likely to be a Doppelganger (There's a Sean Collins currently on the Wheeling Nailers as well.)

Tyler Sloan and Jame Pollock
Honestly, if you'd said to me that Pollock was a blonde, I'd probably have looked at you in disbelief. I don't think I've ever actually seen him helmetless game. Although he was born in Quebecistan, he played three years for the Seattle Thunderbirds, so I have to give the guy some mad NW props for that. Sloan... well.. Sloan likes to start stuff on-ice. He's pingponged around the AHL/ECHL for quite a few years, but it looks like the Bears are a pretty decent fit.

Sloan's Superlative: Most Likely to Bleed on You.
Pollock's Superlative: Most Likely to be a Sedin for Halloween.

Jakub Klepis and Jason Morgan

Although he's scored a lot, Jakub Klepis is getting a reputation among the Hershey fans for treating every puck like it's a gift from the queen-he's a fantastic scorer, but refuses to pass half the time. If he can just break that little habit..... Born in Prague, he also played in the NW- this time for the Portland Winter Hawks. Morgan's one of the most experienced Bears, having played some sort of pro hockey for the past 13 years, and with NHL time on both the Calgary Flames, the LA Kings, the Chicago Blackhawks, the Nashville Predators AND the Minnesota Wild. I have to say, I also have a soft spot for Morgan because he's from Newfoundland, and I'm a big dork.

Klepis' Superlative: Most Likely to Never Find a Hat That Fits
Morgan's Superlative: Most Likely to be Mistaken for a Construction Worker.

Kyle Wilson and Andrew Joudrey

Honestly, two Bears I know very little about, collectively. Both of them came directly out of school to the Bears, and both, so far seem to be meshing well. Wilson was the one at the beginning of the season with a 5 game scoring streak, while Joudrey is one of those dudes I could watch do passing drills forever.

Wilson's Superlative: Most Likely to be the Runner Up for Prom King
Joudrey's Superlative: Most Likely to Fall Asleep on the Bench

Chris McAllister and Josef Boumedienne
McAllister is the one I keep *almost* running into and commenting on his height. He's huge. He's also GREAT at the body hits, but not such a winner in the fights, if his fight against the Baby Pens' Bonvie was any example. Boumedienne gets points just because his nickname is 'Boomer'. Born in Sweden, he's another who's bounced all across the NHL/AHL/Swedish leagues.

McAllister's Superlative: Most Likely to Stick Chris Bourque in a Locker
Boomer's Superlative: Most Likely to give Sidney Crosby a Run for the Awful Hair award.

Last but most certainly not least, my and Elly's favorite Bear:

Jay Beagle
Quickly becoming the Next Big Thing in Hershey, and as everyone's been saying, a fan favorite. We found Beagle at Caps camp in September and quickly named him "Little Sid." Which of course, is inaccurate, as he's older than Crosby by just a few years. But Elly and I will defend our "we discovered Jay Beagle" title until we die. Anyway, coming out of Calgary to Hershey via the Anchorage Seawolves and the Idaho Steelheads, Beagle barely missed the cut that instead took Andrew Gordon to South Carolina, having scored (at that point,) one goal to Gordon's zero. (he's at 5 currently) As of now, he's on the Line of Doom with Clymer and Laing, and is a complete powerhouse on the penalty kill. I'm still waiting to see him throw down, but at least as of this point, he's proven he's and effective agitator, if not an all out fighter.

Beagle's superlative: Most Likely to be Mobbed at the Supermarket.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2007-2008 Hershey Bears!


kristin said...

yo, what about a post for Wednesday?

and you still have to tell me the grocery store story...

Teka said...

Oops. I started the YouTube on tuesday, so it recorded that date. Should be fixed now.

kristin said...


Steph said...

Wow...that roster shot does not remotely do his appearance justice. In fact he looks a little more like a stoner than the cute kid we've come to know and love - the vacant stare, the greasy hair...come on kid, you've got people are counting on you (and you don't even have the 'good number' thing going for you anymore!)!

(And yet you know, he's still not unnattractive..)

Elly said...

Aww, I have to agree with Steph, Fluffy (aka: Jay Beagle) looked much cuter on the ice at camp. Of course, that might have also been because the kid was cranking it out with the drills, and I admit, I have a soft spot for the rookies that kick their own ass in camp. He was good, I'll be excited to see how he does over the next few seasons.

Most likely to be mobbed at the supermarket? He better take someone with him when he goes to pick up some eggs and milk, then!