Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Slowly Becoming the "Sidney Crosby's Best Friend Show".

I know, I know, it's "Ultimate Fantasy League Day" and I suck at staying on a schedule. I also fully know that everyone in the world is sick of hearing me harp on the Colby Armstrong Disaster (tm) that's heading at full Train Wreck Speed (r) towards Montreal right now, (as I'm an eternal optimist...*snort*) but you know, if they'd just start PLAYING HIM and giving us fewer news articles where he has to blow smoke up Pittsburgh's collective heineys..... just think of this as his Fantasy Player Day, as he's on at least what.. oh, all of my real fantasy teams?


At this point, I really can't decide whether the Pittsburgh media is pro-Army or con-Army. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette seems to be at least willing to give him a chance, reporting "With one goal in 14 games, he's white-hot compared to a year ago. In 2006-07, Armstrong didn't get his first goal until Game No. 23, despite opening the season alongside Sidney Crosby on the No. 1 line." (here) Glad you cought up to me, guys, and yes, very true, statistically he's doing better than last year.( I had run that comparison on first goals oh, what, a week and a half ago? All hail New Media :-))

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, however, has taken a much more negative tone in their reporting of Armygate '07. They've had some lovely digs like "Therrien said Armstrong had to "wait his turn" before returning to the lineup," (here) and "Therrien and Armstrong shared a one-sided conversation during the morning skate prior to the Penguins' game in Minnesota on Tuesday.... Therrien did most of the talking" (here)

Ultimately, whatever the newspapers write shouldn't have an impact on what happens to the guy, so it's a moot point but I am glad to see the guy saying this, via the Post-Gazette:

"The coaching staff, he said, has told him that he has "to play more physical. Get back to my old game, play more in-your-face."

Armstrong is most effective when he gets physically involved. While it is an asset for the Penguins to have him playing that way, there is a danger that when he finally gets back into the lineup, Armstrong's pent-up energy will not be channeled properly.

That could lead to bad decisions, or worse penalties. The kinds of things that easily could get him exiled to the weight room during games again.

"When I get in there, I definitely have to control myself, play within myself," he said."

This leads me to believe that he HAS been playing at half-strength since the rash of head-shot penalties at the beginning of the season, and that possibly now we'll get the Army we all know and love back... black eyes and all.