Saturday, November 17, 2007

So much to say!

Hooray! A Bears victory against Albany in which Ben Clymer makes a comeback, Louie Robitaille agitates his brains out and Jay Beagle gets a goal AND and assist. When I left them in the car with 5 minutes to go, it was 5-3 but I see here that they picked it up and kept running, as the final score was 6-4. It's a shame I don't get off work until 6:30 and the game tonight back here starts at 7, because I'm thinking they've figured out this hockey thing again and we might actually put up a fight against Bridgeport. I'll consider going to watch, but even from where I live, that's a painfully close schedule (especially since I'm doubling it up job wise today)

Also, to rain on the parade a little, the suck has continued and Ilja Bryzgalov is moving to Phoenix. I'm not sure how I feel about it. It means I'm going to have to expand my "teams I pay half-assed attention to" list again, but Phoenix also doesn't have a 'name' in goal right now, so poor forgotten Bryz is probably going to get a fighting chance to show his stuff there. I'm just apprehensive about what kind of team he'll be going to, as I've not watched the Yotes very much, and I'm sort of ridiculously protective of my goalies.

Speaking of which, please to be perusing the ECHL goalie standings page. Please then also to be noticing that although Jonathan Quick of the Reading Royals has played half again as many games as Kris Mayotte of the Fresno Falcons, statistically, Mayotte is edging up on him. Also, isn't it sad that Quick has played 13 games this season, which is the highest number up there, and he's only number 11, whereas Mayotte's played 6, and he's already in 15th place?

Yeah. Stick it in your ear, Reading.