Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sound Tigers at Bears, 11/17/07

Bears 6-3 over Bridgeport!
I was down in the section I'm usually in, but this time in row 4, so I've got a lot more faces on players than normal in my pictures. It was interesting being down there... the guys behind me loved yelling "CHEEEESE!" every time Machesney made a good stop (which was pretty damn frequently) and harassing the entire Bridgeport bench and the woman next to me was talking to the team like either they were all puppies or she was auditioning for hockey porn- there was a lot of "Come on Bearsies" and "Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh YEAH, boys, OH YEAH" that kept being right in my ear and it was all I could do to keep from laughing. I also think I offended the woman at the front of the arena because I said "No thanks!" to the American flag she offered me. I was doing my best "busy and not paying attention" face because I'm not the flag-wavin' rootin'-tootin' type, to put it mildly, but she was rather insistent, so I actually had to decline. I figure next time, I'll just tell them I'm Canadian. I talk funny anyway, and I'm overeducated for the average US citizen.... they'll never know the difference, right?

The team had one ridiculous line tonight- Laing, Beagle and Clymer started the evening in the front lines, and each of them tallied up a goal and a co-assist with the other two before the night was over. On top of that, they were also the three stars-Clymer the third, Laing in second and Beagle in first. I've got my own mental name for that line, but I'm also soliciting other ideas as well.

bearsbridgeporthome 030

There were a few good skirmishes- two shoving matches in front of goals, and two good fights that took out at least two from each team. Robitaille managed to harass Brennan into going for it, and Maxwell (I believe it was) got locked up with another Tigger in the last five minutes, to get tossed from the game (along with Louie and Kip)
Oh Louie, Louie, oh no no no , you gotta go...louiebrennan1louieshouse

There was some ongoing sectionwide displeasure with someone (It was a "J" name, is all I remember.. Motzko? Klepis? Pollock?)for being unwilling to get into the corners and get bashed around pursuing the puck... the angry voice behind me was rather insulting, and eventually decided that now that we had Maxwell, this guy could go do rude things to himself somewhere else. I know, that's a fine piece of journalism right there, but hey, someone scored before I could find my pen and I didn't have a chance to note it down.
bearsbridgeporthome 262

I also had my first experience with just how tall over-six-foot hockey players are. I was standing in the hallway around the arena when Chris McAllister came by. He's 6'7" which is a good foot and three inches taller than I am, and I swear I had 'gaping fish look' on my face because the guy was so goddamned huge. I felt more sympathy for Chris Bourque and his continued attempts to board Kip Brennan all game in that moment.....
bearsbridgeporthome 215

I've also discovered that I have a bad habit of following Canadian players who do "I'm concentrating so hard I have no idea where my tongue is" face.

But let it be said here first, the Hloggers called the Beagle thing before Hershey even knew what they were getting. Day two of Caps camp, we had called him as the next big deal.


Whenever you want us to take that scouting job... y'know?

(And just to keep up with my NaBloPoMo schedule, best week ever to Beagle. With assists from Laing and Clymer)


Elly said...

Damn straight. Even if he is a rookie, Fluffy is the real deal.