Friday, November 23, 2007

Warning, sissy ahead.

This is a complete cop out NaBloPoMo post, as I'm going to be heading to Philly in a few without my computer. I may make the Phantoms/Bears game, I may not.. it depends on how forgiving the friend I'm with is, as I've already drug her to one hockey game this week.

But tomorrow, I promise.. a real update, and from the pressbox at Giant Center even!

(P.S. Happy 25th Birthday, Army! Welcome back to the lineup!)


kristin said...

If you went to the game and didn't tell us, you are going to be in BIG trouble!

Cruel Britannia said...

No, in fact, i was subjected to a one and a half hour trip to target with my most indecisive friend EVER and then a showing of Center Stage. I was crying a little inside, but oh well. They won, right? It's all good.