Thursday, December 6, 2007

So long, farewell....

I think there's someone in the Great Hockey Rink in the Sky who's enjoying toying with me a little too much. The Penguins have suddenly remembered how to play hockey, so of course, NOW is the time that the Bears spontaneously combust. And combust they have.

Here's who we're missing now.

Laing- still in DC.
Boomer- Broken wrist
Klepis- Moving to the Czech Republic
Collins- Concussiony stuff
Arsene- Gut recovery
Fehr-?? He's been out a while

and newly added to the HELL AND DAMNATION list:
Bourque- Concussiony Stuff
Pollock- Moving to Moscow.

Ugh. Right now that leaves us 19, including the two goalies. I've seen word of a callup/loan from somewhere, but haven't heard anything official yet. There's also the fact that Nylander is out for the Caps, so we may lose yet another before the game v. the Devils tomorrow. (Of course, hope springs eternal now that Andrew Gordon may become a permanent fixture up here as well... he was one of my favorites in the beginning of the season)

Yes, heck of a weekend to be taking on the Phantoms AND Wilkes-Barre again.

Of course, it's my fault because the Penguins have been kicking butt and taking names. Especially Army. I should just learn that both of my teams can't be doing well at once and choose one.

Yeesh... that's hard!