Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We're all tears here.

Ben Eager gets p0wned.

What's that, Ben Eager? You just got traded? Excuse me while I cry my eyes out for you. I'll get right on that.... just as soon as Gary Roberts is done kicking the snot out of you.

But Tommy Maxwell, you baby Bear, I will actually shed a tear for you and your bad season-ending wrist, as you were working your tail off out there to make stuff happen for the team.

I hear you buddy. My left wrist's not doing well at this point either. (of course, mine's a little less glamorous, as it's a bad lifeguarding moment compounded by two months of roller derby, but still. I feel your pain, almost literally)

And yes, that is my left wrist. I took the picture in a mirror, you exceedingly nitpicky people.


kristin said...

I'm glad you clarified that the picture was taken in the mirror, because I so about to call you on it...

Nadine said...

Is that still bugging you? I hope it improves soon!

Bye, Eager. (Bet Lups is happy to have the hall to himself now.)

Teka said...

From what I've been able to figure, it's a tendon thing, so it'll take it's good long time actually healing, if id ever really does. My father is threatening to make me go to a doctor, which seems silly as they'll just say "immobilize it" which I've done.

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