Thursday, September 27, 2007

RIP, Darcy Robinson.


ASIAGO, Italy - Darcy Robinson, a Canadian playing for Asiago of the Italian hockey league, died during Thursday's season-opening game. He was 26.

The native of Kamloops, B.C., fell to the ice without being hit during the first period of a game with Renon and was rushed to a local hospital where he died, Asiago said. No cause of death was given. The game was suspended.

Robinson was beginning his second season with Asiago. The defenceman, who held dual Canadian-Italian citizenship, played junior hockey in Saskatoon and Red Deer. He was selected 233rd overall by the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 1999 draft.

Prior to playing in Italy, Robinson played for the AHL's Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins and the ECHL's Wheeling Nailers.

He had six goals and three assists with 66 penalty minutes for Asiago last season.

He might not have been the best hockey player in the world, but he was a good guy. I'm sure that he'll be missed by the people that knew him. Hell, I miss him and I only knew him from the Chasing the Dream vids. I can only imagine what this news is going to do to Armstrong, who played with him in Red Deer as well as Wilkes-Barre.

(Edit: Army's at least heard what happened.. they're getting soundbites out of him, and it sounds like he's okay. Which is a relief.)

RIP, Darcy Robinson. We remember you.

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Flyers/Caps Preseason 9/26/06

Not much hockey in the recent past, but that changed as of tonight, when I plonked my butt on a train to Philly to watch the Flyers' A team roll the Caps' B or C team, 2-1, up close and personal.

Officially, for all the Hloggers who were wondering, Kristen is not an axe murderer. She is a very nice person with a ridiculously good seat, which according to her ticket guy (who sat next to me for part of the third) used to be a photographer-specific seat. Aren't we glad, then, that I took the StalkerCam 800000000. (Kristen is also AWESOME for extending these two free tickets to two other Hloggers… let’s hear it for enabling the poor grad student.)

FlyersCapsPr2 054
Yes, this is how close I was sitting. Ridiculous, eh?

(flyers.femme swears that Johnson did a double take when he saw me sitting down the the first row, wearing the ubiquitous HBears sweatshirt. What, you've only seen me twice before, at camp, with the loudest group known to man.)

Overall, teams seemed pretty evenly matched. For as much mucking around in the corners as we got on one end, we got the same amount at the other. The Caps seemed generally more aware of where the rest of their team was and played with arguably more style, but the Flyers did look to be winning more of the faceoffs, and got a couple of lucky shots, even if they DID refuse to FOLLOW THE PUCK IN. There was more shoot-and-turn out of them than I think I've EVER seen out of a hockey team. The Flyers also seemed more willing to dump the puck and then stand around waiting for something to happen than they did to go in and create plays.
The Pensive ClymerUh... team?FlyersCapsPr2 008
Please to be noting Flyer STANDING AROUND.

The Philly goals went to Ben Eager and Boyd Kane while the Caps goal was courtesy of your Brian Sutherby. Eager was the Flyer with the long shot from the circle that Johnny dingled.
That's a goal in progress.

(as seen here.. completely idle picture that happened to be of a goal. Me for the win)
Biron and Johnny didn't do anything especially amazing-they each had about one heroic save, and then a bunch of so-so average ones.

Scrum wise, this was a GREAT game. We opened with a Cote/Brashear, then went later into a Boulerice/Erskine, and I think we had at least two, possibly three good all-team corner shoving matches, one initiated by Caps Chick's favorite Ben Clymer. And I took pictures, of course. Wouldn't be a goon slut if I hadn't.

Another.. artsy... shotFlyersCapsPr2 075FlyersCapsPr2 088
(I have to say, my favorite part of that last one is Tiny!Briere, who looks like he's saying "But I wanna fight TOO!" and the Cap holding him off.)

On the Danny Briere front, I had been trying to stay semi-neutral with a side of light abuse, but what I saw tonight just made me want to jump the glass and grab him and start dropkicking him across the rink. Not only did he take at least one fall that I saw and do the "But Mr. Ref! I'm on the GROUND!" thing, at the very end of the second he BLATANTLY AND OBVIOUSLY BUTT-ENDED some poor Cap in the ribs. And there was no way it was an accident, as he was facing INTO the cage and all the refs were behind it, effectively blinding them. The entire section around me immediately lit up. You'da thought it was a Caps home game, the way these Flyers fans went off on their 12 Million Dollar Man. I'm sure a few choice words heavily involving the letter "F" and comparing Briere unfavorably to an article of feminine hygiene equipment also left my mouth, much to the displeasure of the parental units of the small children sitting next to me. But seriously WHAT is this problem Briere seems to have keeping his stick to himself playing Washington?
If I were to be nice, I would agree with what Kristin was saying about Briere just not really fitting with the Flyers style of play... he seems to want people where they don't want to be, and it's not helping the team advance its purpose at ALL.If I were to give you my true opinion of the little jerkwad after seeing him play in person, I don't think this blog would be fit for family consumption. I'm still trying to figure out why in the Sabres quad of Drury, Soupy, Miller and Briere I didn't hate him and now I really sort of do, but that's its' own long drawn out psychological entry that I don't even want to deal with. Let's just say that Briere and I don't especially get along.

That's all kids. Remember to thank your goalie and be sure to tune in next time, when our heroine debates the merits of driving 6 hours and THEN going to see hockey.

Goalie Love

Saturday, September 22, 2007

HO-LY Hello!

Sometimes, I like thinking that I can influence the way the world works. Other times, I'm willing to admit to the Great Coincidence.

Right now, I'm not sure which it was, just that the Bears have come up with a new ticket option: walk-up $10 tickets for Wednesday and Sunday games that aren't HERSHEYPARK pass nights. You're sitting in section 210/211, but I present to you again the hypothesis that there are no truly awful seats in Giant Center.

My not-so inner Poor Rent-Paying Student is bouncing off the walls with joy right now. Between the Pens keeping Student Rush around and the Bears offering their own version, DAMN, there's going to be a lot of hockey I can see this season!

(For more information, visit the official Bears blog, Walton, Wired and Unwired.)

(EDIT: Speaking of Pens Student Rush, at the crack of noon today, I received a text message telling me there were Student Rush tickets available for the Pens/Wings game at Mellon tonight. This makes me ridiculously happy as well, because even though I can't go to the game (dammit, work!) I now know that I will have just enough time to hop in the car and gun it towards Pittsburgh. Hooray!)

(EDIT AGAIN: So y'know how I was saying earlier that I really was hoping that Army'd get a second crack at the Sid line? Ah, yeah. That'd be tonight, according to the Pens tv interview with him. Seriously, anyone want me to start picking lottery numbers? I'm on a roll today!)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Hershey Bears Camp Day 2

Back to Giant Center for the second day. At least this time I knew where I was going, even if I did make with the lateness in getting there. Sorry, a girl's gotta do her internship work at some point.

There were even fewer people in the stands today-I guess the Hershey hockey junkies aren't quite as junkieish as I am... either that or they've all been watching Center Ice so they're not jonesing for a fix as badly. If I could get my computer to quit screaming and dying while attempting to watch online, oh, I'd be watching it as well!

In the first group, I only got there in time to watch a mess of conditioning laps which made my butt hurt in sympathy... I did quite a few of those last night at roller derby practice. However, there are now quite a few decent pictures of Jay Beagle for Elly, his biggest fan in the whole wide room, because she wanted to know what he was up to.

Jay's Shorts Just for Elly HBearsTC2 025

Elly, right now, he's kicking ass and taking names at Bears camp.

He's also become a proud member of the shorts-slitting club, as you can see in that first picture. I'm still wondering why it is that the players are either slitting their own pants purposefully with a sharp object or inadvertently popping seams (and I'm wondering which it is!). As you can see from Nylander's rather shocking display (by hockey standards)

at Caps camp, this doesn't seem to be a Bears-specific thing either. My hypothesis at this point is that it's either organized rebellion against the 'closer fitting' RBK Edge pants, or the fact that they're tighter-fitting is causing them to split. I didn't see any of the veteran Bears in the CCM pants with split inseams, so as of right now either hypothesis could stand. If I ever get the chance to ask a player directly, you can bet I will.

Other mental notes from Group 2:

-Because I'm a very accommodating person, and I read somewhere else that people wanted to see this, I give you
A Study in Contrasts, Bears Style:
BIG ANGRY DMAN and little shifty forward

Working PURELY from the roster, this is a picture of Brad Zancanaro (grey) and Chris McAllister (black). Zancanaro is proudly holding down my end of the height scale at 5'5" and McAllister is ridiculously tall at 6'7". In skates, McAllister must be pushing 7 feet and I think his STICK is taller than I am, which scares me no small bit. Part of me really wants to stand him next to Jordan Staal, just to convince myself that JStaal's really not as huge as I think he is.

-Either these two new goalies are awesome, the Bears need to stop shooting AT the goalie or it's a combination of both. Not many shots went in today, not counting the ones where the goalie was obviously not even trying. The Best Goal Moment On Film goes to Marlin's dive...

here's his initial "OH CRAP!" moment and recovery.
Marlin sees it... YOINK.

Gotta love a good scramble.

-I'm still blown away by team puck handling. I've come to a new appreciation of what kind of skill it takes to *know* where a teammate is and be able to either leave a puck right where he's coming through or to pass without looking and have it connect. Group Two's gray and red teams could have had me captivated all night just doing the weaving and passing drills.

-I need to stop nicknaming things in my head, especially drills, because if I ever get abovesaid chance to talk to the players and I ask them about the "washing machine drill" NOBODY is going to have a clue what I'm talking about. (For you Hlog I-95ers, that's what I mentally named the 'around the circle and shoot' drill as seen here:

HBearsTC2 034

Is there a 12-step program for this?

A Side of Penguinitude (with some Canucks for Flavor)

Before I get going on the Bears, you should really go watch the clips of the Pens' Town Meeting, just to say you've seen Marc-Andre Fleury do his Talladega Nights impression. And can I adore Army any more for getting up there and saying "Eh? You want me to be SERIOUS now?" We all know the boy can't do it.
I'm also sort of interested in how they FEEL about having the youngest fan base (which they talk a little about)--aside from the obvious money making component of packing Mellon for every game, are they thinking it's just a bunch of puckbunnies with Daddy's credit card coming, thereby leading us into Horrible Pink Shirtville again? I will admit that I'm REALLY GLAD Student Rush exists, as that's how I'm going to get to see them at any point in the near future, but I'd love to see a demographic breakdown of who actually comes, where they come from, and how old they are.

Also, late and hardly breaking news anymore, especially as I heard about it oh, 4 or 5 days ago, but Luongo taking a puck to the throat and being like "Meh, I'd rather get hit in the larynx than not be able to see the puck near my feet" sort of redeems him from the Mr. Emo Pants reputation he was getting in my book. Don't get me wrong, he's about 85% of the reason the Canucks made it that far in the playoffs last year and I love the guy to death, but when you can all but see his eyes watering behind the mask when he misses one.....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hershey Bears Camp Day 1

Having attempted to watch mostly the Bears at Caps training camp, it was exciting for me to come back here to Hershey and hear that they were doing open practices in Giant Center as well.

Despite my complete inability to find the 'security entrance' to Giant Center (by the way, labeled "staff" and not "security") I made it inside by about 10:30 and trekked it up the aisle to watch the practice. Only later did I realize that I'd plonked myself down in approximately the same spot I was sitting for games, and DAYUM, I have a nice seat. You can see from the pictures that you're close to the bench, the ice, and about the only gripe I have is getting the top of the glass in all my pictures, but that's easily fixable. I get the feeling, as I wandered Giant Center a little, that it's really an arena with no bad seats. Sure, there are better seats than others, but none truly TRULY suck.

I came in in the middle of the first group's session, and could immediately recognize a few of them from D.C. Beagle, McNeill and Barney were the three I could confidently pick out, as they'd spent the most time on our end of Kettler. I think Beagle and McNeill may well also have recognized me as "crazy girl with camera," albeit this time without 6 other guffawing girls as well.

Even coming in in the middle of the drill and not quite knowing what was going on, I was impressed with the behind-net puck handling in this group of blueliners. I don't think one of them truly bobbled back there, and they were working well as a unit. Once you took that unit and put it with others, though, it got a little rougher.
The series of drills everyone was doing were building up gradually to almost a full compliment of players, dealing with traveling and passing to one another. At the beginning, they truly looked like they were in early practice, where everyone was doing what they should have been, but nobody was really working together yet, but by the end, they already seemed to be tightening up their play and starting to anticipate teammates’ actions.

In the second team, it was the group in red who really stood out. (apologies again for lack of specific names, as everyone was in practice jerseys and the helmets were so new they had no numbers!) They were on perma-hustle the whole time, and even the coach was congratulating them on a practice well moved at the end. As a whole, the second group seemed to be more willing to commit to the drills and run it all the way through at full intensity. Again, the blueliners looked exceedingly strong to me, and had some good teamwork.

Goalie-wise, there were three at camp today, Jeff Pietrasiak, Jeff Van Nynatten and Dave Marlin. If I've got it right, the two Jeffs were the yellow on white pads, and Marlin was in white and black. ( Edit: I had it wrong- Marlin was yellow/black, Pietrasiak was black and white and Nynatten was yellow/grey. Okay, so I'll get them right next time.)I was sitting as to preference Pietrasiak in the first group and Marlin in the second, and while neither of them were Luongo, neither of them were half bad. Van Nynatten's got a good scramble, while Pietrasiak has some ridiculous glove skills.

It was fun to be in an arena with only 12 or 13 other fan-types in it, because you could hear EVERYTHING the players and the coaches were saying. The players were still in ‘haven’t seen you in a while’ pick-on-each-other mode, which was adorable, and you could tell that even though they were sweating their guts out, they were really having fun at the same time.

My two best in the stands moments? Seeing “Return of Caps Cape Man” in the form of "Bears Superfan Dude” who took more pictures than I did (no, really!) and was wearing so much maroon that he almost blended in with the seats. I also met Derek Meluzio of Penn Live’s goalie blog Stack the Pads. We had a brief conversation on the fact that Kris Mayotte hadn't gotten to come play with the Bears even though he was doing well through camp, and it turns out that he's actually a goalie camp instructor for an organization attached to the Caps, and had already signed to go to Binghampton Senator camp and play for the Reading Royals. Hope springs eternal, though, that the Royals will somehow completely miss how promising he is and randomly hand him off to the Bears.

And with that, I leave you with my favorite picture of the day:

HBearsTC1 028
Giant Center,
originally uploaded by Cruel Britannia.

(I'm also working on embedding the photos instead of linking to them, but Flikr's not making it easy. I'll crack them yet!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


It's ugly in here right now, but bear with me. We're renovating.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ice bowl no-nos.

Holy hell. It's 10:26, Ice Bowl tickets went on sale 26 minutes ago, and there are NONE left.

And they say hockey's not a big sport.

On the down side, they're appearing on Ebay for $300 and up. There's one I'm looking at that's a single for $50, but I'm sure it'll be gone before I can rustle up the required funding. I wonder what kind of press credentials you have to have to talk your way in as a reporter?

In Pens news, we're seeing the return of the Armstrong-Staal-Malone line, which thrills me beyond belief. It's sort of a ridiculous penalty kill line, and there's just something about that much comedy routine on the ice at once that makes me all warm and fuzzy. Part of me is still hoping that they'll try Army on the Sid line again, especially if he starts figuring himself out a little more this season but I'm not going to hold my breath. This is me not holding my breath.

I also love the fact that there's video of Roberts saying "Well, I have to fight for a spot just like all the young'uns," which just seems ridiculously untrue to me. The Pens sending Roberts down to Wilkes-Barre would be like... well, like any other big team sending an old-timer to the minors, which is to say ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.

And before I leave for today, why is it that when hockey players wear flip flops, t-shirts and jeans they're being casual but when a college student wears it it's being schlumfy? I have this feeling that even if I DID have custom-made jeans and a 90 dollar shirt and solid gold flipflops I'd still look like a college student.

Thursday! Bears! Practice!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hlog I-95 Highlight Reel

As IPB has already given us the heartfelt and intelligent version of the Hlog I-95 meetup, I'm going to go the "Best Of!" route, and I'm going to attempt to do it in chronological order. This may get ugly quickly.

All images used within can also be found at my Flikr site

Your blog for tonight will consist of:Pookie, Schnookie, CapsChick, Elly, Steph and Shmee. Your team will be the Washington Capitals. (or the Hershey Bears.)

I arrived at Shmee's apartment. If parking was truly lighter than other days, DAMN, I am NEVER moving to D.C, as I went around a 6 block area for about 20 minutes looking for somewhere I could park Turco's ample posterior. (Turco is my 1997 green Subaru station wagon. Big. Slow. Green..... he sort of named himself.) After the pleasantries and introductions, we decided to go punish our livers in the rainbow district nearby.
Enter Danny Briere. No joke. Little guy, button down shirt, dark hair cut into that awful shaggy-wedgy-wants to be a gymnast style, and I couldn't stop laughing. I believe there was a text message to the CapsChick/Steph party about him, but I was rather fermented at that point, and can't be sure. After soaking ourselves up in a little greasy fried stuff, we moseyed our way home, and crashed for the night.

We got going late, the Metro hung us up and we stopped for Starbucks, so we didn't actually get to Kettler until around 10:40. Once there, it quickly devolved from "Get to Know Your Fellow Hloggers" to "World's Loudest Hockey Fans Invade D.C. Mall, Details At 11." For whatever reason, one of the recurring weirdness of the weekend became and attempt by Elly and me to make as many of the Caps as possible children of other hockey players. Our crowning glory was as follows:

This also allowed me to coin the phrase, "He's Maloney in the eyes."

Of course, later on we decided that all hockey players had a variation on one of about 12 heads, which is why so many of them look so similar... then every 20 years they bust up all the molds and make a new batch. But more on that later, when we get to Fluffy and BabyMalkin on Sunday.
It turns out that the Caps were also not the only team there. The Canucks had sent their forward scout, Comrie "Thorguld" Sedin. This poor guy got the dreadedly unsubtle 'turn and stare' from all of us, and was sufficiently creeped out enough to avoid making eye contact for the rest of the day. Of course, as far as weirdness levels go, Cape Dude was the hands down champion.

After the rookie scrimmage, (that's Scott Barney from Hershey) we wandered across the lobby en mass to the other ice rink, where we found the big boys doing drills. (and lost Elly to one of those dumb crane games.) It's ridiculously thrilling to me to be standing literally on the other side of the glass as two people attempt to shove one another through it, so I was having the time of my life. This was also the longest time we saw Ovechkin practice for the entire weekend. He and Semin seemed to have this idea that because they were the big names, they didn't really need ice time that badly.
Onwards, there was lunch (nachos and dip and chips and beer... some people had sandwiches), over which we discussed the role of the female fan, and how you couldn't really wear a Sidney Crosby jersey or and Ovechkin jersey and be taken seriously. Schnookie got the winning quote from that conversation when she brought it home with "We're sports fans...who objectify." I managed to challenge her quote supremacy later on the way back to Shmee's house, when we had to climb 2.5 stories on a dead escalator out of the Metro and nearing the top I whined "I'm getting Sidney Crosby butt from this!"
Shmee greeted us with a drink that went from being named "Rachael Ray's Spiked Pink Lemonade" to "Pink Drink of Firey Death" and the evening went downhill from there. Between Rocky-Horrorizing The Cutting Edge (we even had the SIDE PONYTAILS, come on) and Shmee recounting her adventures in supposedly skanky clothing, the evening could really only end with a field trip. And where else would one go on a field trip than to the Verizon Center?

Up and at it on time this time. Loaded into Turco, picked up the rest of the troops, and headed out the the rink again. This time, we settled in for the drills and actually watched what was going on, about three rows back from what we were guessing were Ovie's parents. Ovie and Olie were in rare form from the beginning, scrapping verbally during a shootout drill then each dancing when they managed to best the other. However, Olie's game disintegrated from there, and by the time they were done he had cracked his stick over his own knee and wound up throwing it off the ice at one of the equipment people. CapsChick started edging away from us early this time, especially after Steph asked in true Steph loudvoice "Is Olie looking especially creaky today?" The rest of the first round players were in high spirits, however, and two of them wound up horsing around amusingly as well.
After a slight Zamboni break (and a chance for us to go raid the Caps store for the *right* team's stuff, we went back out to watch the prospies. Enter Fluffy, BabyMalkin, Backcountry Pyatt and NotMachesney. (in reality, Jay Beagle, Dan Kronick, Grant McNeill and Kris Mayotte. In our defense, nobody was wearing names on jerseys, and CapsChick was hogging the program, so we fell back on stupid nicknames to communicate with each other.) Interestingly enough, Alexander Semin was also lumped in with this second group, but spent more of it lounging on the boards and looking disinterested than he did actually playing. It was interesting to see the prospies go through the same drills that the big boys had just finished, because you could tell that these were the guys who were really WORKING to do well and make the team, not the guys that knew they were already there. Frederic Cassivi (Hershey's goalie) was down in the same net Olie had been in earlier, and wasn't doing much better. He seemed to be overcommitting to one side of the net and disregarding anyone not in his immediate line of sight. We debated getting him a flowerpot to improve the chi at that end of the rink, but decided that probably wasn't gonna be enough to help him. The other goalie, Kris Mayotte or NotMachesney, (as he was NOT Daren Machesney from Hershey the way we thought he was, but an import from the Arizona Sundogs) was doing much better overall. I really hope that they decide to keep him around and send him up here to Central PA to play with the Bears... not only was he showing some real promise, but he seemed to be meshing with all of the other prospies pretty darn well.
As all the prospies were packing it in for the day, we also got the treat of getting to watch Puck Handling 101, with Nylander and G.McNeill which was pretty downright amazing.

And of course, as we were leaving for lunch, we wandered into the other rink and watched the last period of a local hockey club's game, which was really much less GAME and much more FIGHT. I think I actually physically squee'd when the two dudes started pummeling each other directly in front of us, and I took way too many pictures, just proving my previously known goon-loving tendencies.

All in all, I couldn't have come up with a better way to spend a weekend. Except maybe Pens camp, but even then, I wouldn't have wanted to spend it with a different group of people. I think the I-95 meetup may well become a half-yearly thing, and Elly and I are already plotting towards the Ice Bowl in Buffalo.

Oh, and when you thought it couldn't get much better? Hershey Bears open practices start Thursday.

I'll see you there!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Time Sink!

To keep you entertained while I download pictures from the HLog D.C. convention and remember what all happened, here's your funny of the moment.

I finally got around to checking my Google Analytics for here for the first time since I set it up, oh, a couple of weeks ago.

My keyword hits, in order:
Martin St Louis.
"Abby Malone" photo album. (I'm obviously not the only one who attempted to find that.)
"Sidney Crosby" "Butt Looks" -"porn" (Sorry, no non-porn Crosby butts here.)
how can I tell if it's a groin strain or something else
how should a hockey fan jersey fit
sidney at malone's wedding
unee forms
itchy rash after playing hockey (Okay, EW.)

Hot damn, Bears. Granted, it's a screencapture from NHL08, but that's not too hideous as far as the new Edge uniforms go. I was hoping they'd re-think the diagonal names but I can live with that. I can definitely live with that.

Back to your regularly scheduled schoolwork. More to come later (when I can stop reading)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Euromullet or mohawk?

Oh, Army. I understand the desire to cut your hair, but to go for the mohawk?

The first few things that went through my head were, in order

1. What, does he think he's a Bear now?
2. So that's what my hair would look like if I did that.
3. Is that enough justification to do that for halloween?

Um, yeah.

I knew I was jonesing for a haircut, but you can always tell I'm past due when I start seriously considering shaving my head. Even if it is for hockey.

(Someone please bring the season back, I'm starting to write about hair.)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My preciousssss.....

New and Exciting News:

I have HOCKEY TICKETS! Yes, at this point, as befits my poor grad student status, I'm seeing three games. The season opener, one in Feb against the Baby Sharks and one in December against the Baby Pens. I've learned it's good to be a single person watching hockey, as most groups leave a single seat inbetween them and the next group, so I'm only 9 rows back from center ice, directly behind the benches but up high enough to see what's going on. WOOT!

Thursday, September 6, 2007


As the Pens are back in town (well, that waay westerly from here town.. okay... as the Pens are back in-state) that would mean EVERYONE's getting back into town. Which means that the two guys who looked to be about my age and were loading stuff out of a silver Range Rover-esque vehicle and a rental van (very Chasing the Dream style) into the nearby apartment complex yesterday were probably the Bears coming back to town.

Even though Penn State flubbed on my payroll paperwork and I won't get paid until the end of the month, my tertiary boss is a dweeb, I have to cancel my haircut, and I can't find my good fishnets, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I AM RIGHT NOW.


Wednesday, September 5, 2007


When did Thomas Vanek become the Lost Armstrong Brother?

Monday, September 3, 2007

Excuse me, Thighs Speaking.

Dear everybody.

If I ever look at you, or don't look at you, or are in your general vicinity, and you hear me say "Man, it would be great if someone could take pictures of my dimply white butt in my underwear on my wedding day." PLEASE, for the love of god, make sure somebody kills the robot, and start checking closets for the real me?

Supposedly much of Abby Malone's wedding album is her 'getting ready' in her underwear. But damn, Ryan Malone and Abby, they're cute together.)

I would, however, like to know what is it with hockey players and straight haired skinny blondes? At least this one's not orange, or Hillary Duff, but what the heck's wrong with an entirely average looking person with a decent personality? Why can't a hockey player marry Velvet D'Amour? Or at least a Bettina? It's not like all the hockey players you run into are incredibly attractive people either.