Sunday, January 6, 2008

Again with the LOSE, NHL Marketing.

Dear RBK, NHL Shop, and all y'all boys out there in charge of girly jerseys.

I do like the fact that I can now get a girly jersey in not pink, so thanks for listening that far. However, I beg to differ with the fact that a girl with a 44 inch bust has to get an XXL. Seriously? I'm a men's medium and a women's XXL? Okay, you may be working on the "standard" sizes, as you've also got them labled by size (8, 10, 12, whatever,) but I happen to know that this 44 inch bust can fit in a size 12 shirt. Your XXL is labled "16." WRONG. And while I like the fact that it's only $90 for the girly jersey customized, you're only screenprinting them? That's crap, yo.

All I want is a jersey that might not make me look quite so like a walking square, but that I'm also confident that the lettering and logos will stay on. Let me show you my screenprinted T-shirt collection. Homie ain't payin' 90 bucks for a name and number that will crack off and look like butt within the year. Homie would, however, be willing to pay more like $120 for stitched on names.

Really. Is it SO HARD to get this right? Have you had NO focus groups of female fans? Do I REALLY need to come work for your apparel marketing department and beat sense into you monkeys?


Dear Brooks Orpik,
I'm trying to get your jersey, really I am. These tools aren't making it easy on this budget or in this body, however. If you could find it in your heart to call my ticket for the Shirts Off Our Backs, that'd be swell. I'll even bring you chocolate. Or make you cookies. Chocolate cookies.



Shmee said...

Good point

Ellie said...

i was all pumped to buy a real colored women's jersey this year til i felt one in the store. it felt like it was going to fall apart...

blah maybe someday teka

kristin said...

we're gonna look so cool in our Shirts off our Backs jerseys...

Elly said...

It'd be nice if they just made ladies cut sweaters, real sweaters, but I'm not even sure I'd want to buy one of the new Rbk ones. Give me old polyester!

Ashley said...

I hate how the women's jerseys are these cheap things that they put together in the hopes of making a quick buck - are we second class fans or what?

I bought a men's medium Crosby jersey back in October for a steep $250, and then saw the ladies cut sweaters a few weeks later. At first, my reaction was all, "Aw damn it!"...but now that you describe what they actually look like, I'm glad that I splurged on my replica - even if it is a little big!

Have a good one!