Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh, movies!

I'm sorry, but whenever I see Hershey's baby baby backup goalie:


this is immediately what goes through my head.

In other via-Walton goalie news, what a cruel trick it is to send this guy:


to Hershey and then NOT let him play in Hershey! Somewhere in town there's a goalie fan having a sulk right now. The current word is that Johnny will play only in Wilkes-Barre Friday to test out his knee before getting back into the Caps rotation, and as per Woods last night in his coaching interview, when Freddy gets back, it's gonna be interesting picking between him and Machesney, as the Cheez is on a pretty good roll right now, posting some of the best stats in the entire AHL. Oh wait, or THE best.

Wasn't I saying a while ago that he was gonna be a rock when Freddy got called back up? And I KNOW i've been wandering the internet spreading the "try Cheezer before Neuvrith!" gospel...

That scouting job, yo, you should give me it.


HD said...

hey! just noticed you're a hershey fan... and i hope brent johnson is off his game for friday! :-P

Teka said...

It's such a hard one, though, as I have to cheer the big Pens and the Baby Caps.... it's a little gut wrenching, lemme tell you :-)

Anonymous said...

Wonder who that goalie fan is? haha

You are right, it is killing me! To kind of make up for it I had my dad, brother in law, and a few others over to my house to watch the game in Wilkes Barre on the B2 network! It wasn;t as cool as seeing him in person but still fun.

Talk to you soon and maybe see you at a game!


HD said...

the game last night was UNREAL. and i'm not just saying that because my boys won hahaha. it was such a playoff game. and johnson was unbelievable.