Thursday, January 31, 2008

Seven Things I Think

Today, I'm going to rip off Ben Lovejoy(yes, of the WBS Pens) ripping off Peter King. Feel the rippage, everyone.

1)I think that my new jersey is quite possibly the most awesome thing that's happened all week. However, I've also conclusively proven that Andrew Gordon's wider across the back than I am, because his nameplate actually fits across the white on his jersey and sorta...uh... doesn't on me. Vanity, thy name is Teka. (I'm thinking it's a good thing he's wider than I am, because if not, one or both of us would have been horribly disfigured)

2)I think that Elly is going to love her Christmentine's Day Present.... when I get to shipping it. When she gets it, I'm then going to make her take a picture of it so people can see it, because smart kid I am, I packaged it up before remembering to do that whole camera thing.

3)I think that people should start keeping their eyes open for "Quintin Laing '08" gear at Caps or Bears games and send in pictures. I also think that you should go dig the Laing Crib video over at the Caps TV site.

4)I think that poor Brooks Orpik should get a raise for having to play forward. Of course, maybe he's putting space between himself and Ryan Whitney's rampaging mouth-diarrhea, but still. That's like making me be a jammer in a roller derby bout. (for the uninitiated, jammers are little skinny fast girls most of the time. I'm more like the brick wall you have to climb over to get through the pack.)

5)I think that this stupid knitted penguin I've been working on is going into the "to felt" pile again, because no matter what I do stuffing him he's so lumpy it's either Quasimodo or the Penguinlets are on the way. Augh.

6)I think that it's funny when buying penguin colored yarn (black and yellow and white) that I get asked if I'm a Steelers fan, and when I say, "No, Penguin fan, actually" I get faced with blank stares. Way to win, Central PA.

7) I think that if the Bears sound guys don't bust out the Reliant K "Pirates who Don't Do Anything" for the Bears v. Pirates game this Wednesday, I'm going to be highly disappointed. Speaking of which, self, listen to head voice and will call those, as it's Hersheypark Pass Night, which means they'll sell out before you get there.


Mags said...

I swear, that Pirate song the funniest thing I've heard in a LONG time.

kristin said...

must see pics of you in jersey!

Steph said...

Hmmm, my stupid present for Elly vs. yours?

(You've probably got me beat this year, but nothing tops last February's efforts!)