Friday, February 29, 2008

Hershey Bears Clear Day List

Thank you, THANK YOU for not Sheroizing me, Doug Yingst.

As the AHL defines it, "Each Clear Day roster consists of a maximum of 22 players. According to AHL by-laws, only those players listed on a team’s Clear Day roster are eligible to compete in the remainder of the 2007-08 AHL regular season and in the 2008 Calder Cup Playoffs, unless emergency conditions arise as a result of recall, injury or suspension."

So these are the Bears you'll be watching for the rest of the season and into playoffs.

Freddy Cassivi
Daren Machesney
Dean Arsene
Scott Barney
Jay Beagle
Josef Boumedienne (congrats on the goal last night!)
Chris Bourque
Ben Clymer
Eric Fehr
Ryan Flinn
Alexandre Giroux
Andrew Gordon
Jamie Hunt
Andrew Joudrey
Sami Lepisto
Chris McAllister
Patrick McNeill
Jason Morgan
Louis Robitaille
Tyler Sloan
Danny Syvret
Kyle Wilson

Sure there are a couple on there I think we still could have kicked in the metaphorical head a little harder, but the significant two I've been harping on for the last half season are gone. Sure, one we knew from draft day, but the other is only gone as of this. Only thing I would have liked to see significantly different was the return of Grant Potulny, but as Syvret seems to be producing, I'm okay with it. Overall, I'm definitely singing Hosanna to Yingst in the Highest over this.