Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mostly Excuses.

For anyone who's been wondering were I've been for the past while, take it up with the AHL schedulers (14 of 16 games away? FAIL) and the fact that even NOT living in a dorm, I've somehow managed to come down with the Phlegmmy Plague. Not the Puking Your Eyes Out Plague, which I also hear is going around, but the one where your head's full of snot and all you want to do is sleep.

You almost got a Gettysburg College/Whoever They Were Playing recap last night, but as I literally ate the remainder of yesterday's Pringles and collapsed after work, I sorta wasn't awake for that. I was supposed to go to a derby party too, which didn't so much happen.

It's rather pathetic when you're storing up your energy to go to WORK because you need the money. Oh well. Maybe profs will actually consider "I couldn't stay awake to read" a legitimate excuse. Is this the version of mono I never had?


kristin said...

Maybe some Tillamook will help with the phlegm? Although I guess it would have to be imaginary Tillamook. Can I send you thoughts of Tillamook? Will that make you feel better?