Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Possibly Traumatizing

Thanks, Pensblog. I'm half tempted to print that out and go hang it over the Flyers fan's computer monitor at school. I think he might well Le Crap himself over it. And then continue in his futile attempt to badmouth the Pens.

(but srsly. Even the Tillamook couldn't save Briere at this point. What a joke. What a tool. What a no-talent hater midget. Why is he on my fantasy team again? Oh, that's right, because with Buffalo he was actually good at something.)


(That's right, I drank my Hatorade this morning. Lemme at 'em.)


elise said...

That is very scary.
I might be scarred for life now.
I will certainly never be able to look at Briere in the same way now.

Steph said...

Um...seriously...Teka...I'm not sure we can be friends again until I get that image chemically burned out of my brain.

kristin said...

When I saw that picture over at the Pensblog, I nearly died laughing. I kinda wanna gank it and put it on my blog. Too funny!

mudwoman1326 said...

Ok...is it wrong that I didn't listen to the entire game last night? the disallowed goal really irked me.