Thursday, March 6, 2008

Teka Hates The Dumb.

Having a job that lets me sit around and think is never a good thing. Case in point:

I know it was last Sunday, but during the Pens/Thrash game, the Pens (in a stunning display of good sportsmanship) acknowledged Army and Crush on the jumbotron. From what I hear it was a "Thanks for the Memories" type thing. Of course, this then brought all the Recchi-ites out of the woodwork, and they started whining that Recchi never got recognized in HIS first game back.

You know why that is? Because Recchi went out like a whiny four year old. Sure, he had a little more advance warning than Crush or Army did, being put on waivers, but he handled it pretty abhorrently. Army was a Penguin from day one, and although he admits to crying both he and Crush do turn around then and say the equivalent of "Hey, at least we're still playing hockey."

Honestly, this goes back on some level to that sportsmanship issue the NHL's been having with itself this season. Between the headhunting and the whining and Gary Bettman in general and the fans being generally abusive to each other (which granted, may not be that much worse than normal but still bears repeating) I think everyone needs to sit down, unbunch their panties and start remembering that everyone in this is human, just like them.

(except for Gary Bettman. He and Daniel Briere can go back to the Planet O'Midget any time they feel like it. And they might want to get offplanet pre-St Paddy's Day. I hear roasted leprechaun is magically delicious.)

Edited for more dumb:

Check out the NHL article on Joe Motzko. It's bad when I can read the sentence, "He's great on the power play and a dangerous open-ice creator, dishing out five assists in his first three games with Chicago," and my first reaction is "ZOMG! Motzko figured out how to pass?!?! Astonished wonderment!"

Okay, really, done beating a traded Motzko now. Really. Promise.