Monday, March 3, 2008

Long time.... lazy girl.

First of all, DEAR GOD CAPITALS. 10-2 over Boston? Three assists for Fehr? Where were you all for the game I saw on Saturday v. the Leafs?
(speaking of.... PICTURE BREAK. These are all, with the exception of the scoreboard shot, from warmups, as I was in the nosebleed section and didn't feel the need to take pictures of people to squint at later and guess at numbers.)
oliecatchcapsVleafs 3_1 297capsVleafs 3_1 148capsVleafs 3_1 131

It's interesting sitting in the 400 section there because you can see entire plays developing, but at the same time you can also see poor Nikky Backstrom being 8 feet too far to the left to get to the puck in time, so it's thrilling and frustrating all at once.

Bears wise, I'm hearing from the WaltonBlog that Flinn (the current non-Louie goon) fractured his hand in a big third period fight against the Marlies on Sunday, and he's pretty much out for the rest of the season. He and Clymer are back here in town, while the rest of 'em headed for Lowell for the game on Wednesday. And although I'm not a stat-head, here's a cool one I heard on the radio the other day. Andrew Gordon has 35 points in 45 games. And that's WITH him being sent down to South Carolina. I'm pretty sure he's looking back at that and laughing right now... of course, I get the sense he'll laugh at a lot.

Colby Armstrong wise (one more day of the header, and I promise I'll go back to the Bears) he got his 100th NHL point bittersweetly against the Penguins on Sunday.

Real-life wise, for me, I'm looking for females of any persuasion to fill in a basic survey for my thesis research. If you or anyone you know would be willing to do it, have at it here. If you want to pimp it out on your own blog, feel free to pick up that link and distribute at will. The more information I get the more I can write!


It's nice to hear that Fehr is still following the Bears run... even if I'm not there to be the odd man out telling him what they're up to :-)