Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ridiculous Injury Update

Turns out that Gordon's freak injury was in fact, his own damn fault on some level.... silly boy dislocated his toe playing pre-game warmup soccer. He's guessing he's out for about two weeks, but says that it's a pretty purpley blue color right now.

However, it meant that he got to do the radio broadcast tonight with Walton, and really, he's not bad at it. It's interesting to me to listen to him (3 years of college) as opposed to Army (0 years of college) or some of the other straight-outta-juniors guys, because the college dudes really do have a better vocabulary. Even if he was a damned marketing major.

Here are the most amusing quotes out of Gordo I managed to note down.
Walton asks about how roughed up he usually gets in games. "A couple of face washes, usually people don't pick on me. I guess I don't look too intimidating out there"
On Sami Lepisto and receiving the puck. "Easy guy to play with, I'll tell you that for free"
On Dean Arsene texting him throughout the broadcast from here in Hershey. "I think Deano's trying to make up for throwing me under the bus out here."

About the only thing that could have made that broadcast more amusing would have been a Bears win... they went down 5-4 to Springfield. Somehow, Woods, you've gotta convince them that it's not the Ice Capades out there during the second. This team has to give a three period effort, and they've been flakey on that all season.

For tomorrow I'm working on an actually substantive blog post on the Hockey and High Heels book that's been making the rounds. I won't give away my opinion directly, but let's just say that I'm now contemplating calling my thesis "Hockey And Practical Footwear You Can Walk In"