Friday, February 29, 2008

Hershey Bears Clear Day List

Thank you, THANK YOU for not Sheroizing me, Doug Yingst.

As the AHL defines it, "Each Clear Day roster consists of a maximum of 22 players. According to AHL by-laws, only those players listed on a team’s Clear Day roster are eligible to compete in the remainder of the 2007-08 AHL regular season and in the 2008 Calder Cup Playoffs, unless emergency conditions arise as a result of recall, injury or suspension."

So these are the Bears you'll be watching for the rest of the season and into playoffs.

Freddy Cassivi
Daren Machesney
Dean Arsene
Scott Barney
Jay Beagle
Josef Boumedienne (congrats on the goal last night!)
Chris Bourque
Ben Clymer
Eric Fehr
Ryan Flinn
Alexandre Giroux
Andrew Gordon
Jamie Hunt
Andrew Joudrey
Sami Lepisto
Chris McAllister
Patrick McNeill
Jason Morgan
Louis Robitaille
Tyler Sloan
Danny Syvret
Kyle Wilson

Sure there are a couple on there I think we still could have kicked in the metaphorical head a little harder, but the significant two I've been harping on for the last half season are gone. Sure, one we knew from draft day, but the other is only gone as of this. Only thing I would have liked to see significantly different was the return of Grant Potulny, but as Syvret seems to be producing, I'm okay with it. Overall, I'm definitely singing Hosanna to Yingst in the Highest over this.


A Tiny Amount of Cynicism goes a Long Way

Well my goodness golly gee whiz. Would that be an assist for Army and an injury for Hossa?

Shucksydoodles, I do believe it might just be.

And I would not be jumping up and down and celebrating the fact that karma's made someone else its bitch at all, would I?

No, I'll leave that for Army when he gives Atlanta the goal dance

Because he's really the same beaky wierdo... he's just in an uggy uniform now.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

It hurts....

It burns my retinas, but at least they both look like they're mostly happy, if not just still stuck in SurrealVille.

Can I just pretend they're taking a vacation? "Here we are, pretending to be Thrashers..."

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Things That Make You Say OW.

I really don't have much of substance to say. I think Ray Shero's critically changed the chemistry of the Penguins, and I doubt that Hossa was worth it. I think it's very indicative that you haven't heard anything out of Army and Crush, only out of Hossa (who's supposedly an old buddy of Shero's), and I think that the Pens have crippled themselves for the future by losing Espo and the draft pick. Regardless of whether they get the Cup this year or not, I think it's going to be a very painful next couple of years for them, as I see very little depth in WBS. In short, I'm having rather a crisis of Penguins faith.
I don't think I can outrightly stop watching them, but as I've admitted before, Army is really the singular player that got me into hockey, and it's rather wrenching to see him not on my first love team anymore, and I'm man enough to admit that there were waterworks when I found out (just ask Caps Chick.) In addition, the longer I spend in DC, the more the Caps grow on me, and with the DC/Atlanta rivalry the way it is, it's especially hard to figure out where my loyalties are supposed to be in this situation.

However, rather than being ridiculously emo and lamenting how much life sucks (which it does, trust me, I'm not out of the depression phase into acceptance yet by a long shot) I've chosen to channel it into making the....

Ray Shero, Please Walk Off A Cliff mix.

Midnight Train to Georgia Gladys Knight and the Pips
Expendable Youth Slayer
Boys Don't Cry The Cure
Mad World Gary Jules
Don't You Forget About Me Simple Minds
Sunshine (Go Away Today) Jonathan Edwards
Everybody Hurts REM
Worst Day Since Yesterday Flogging Molly
Big Yellow Taxi Joni Mitchell
Don't Dream It's Over Crowded House
Take A Picture Filter
Hurt Johnny Cash
The Stolen Child The Waterboys
Wonderwall Oasis
I'll Be There For You The Rembrandts
Hallelujah Rufus Wainwright
Leaving Town Dexter Freebish
Move Along The All American Rejects
Ashokan FarewellMark O'Connor

And an extra, for Joe Motzko

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hockey and Heels

Here's a halfassed promise that I'll spit out Essential Hockey And Heels Moments as they happen as there were a heck of a lot of things all going on at once. However, the quick rundown, as follows. We were split into four groups, talking with Boudreau (the Chalk Talk), the wives (Steckel, Laing, Boudreau) the on-ice (Laing, Lepisto) and the locker room "tour" with the equipment manager. Overall, it was interesting simply to see how different fans interacted with players, as well as what kind of spread age/experience/knowledge wise there was. I managed to find one other Bears person on the Metro platform on the way home, and met three other "singles" I hung out with for the majority of the night. Eric Fehr (horrible picture alert) was amused by the Bears jersey, and we had a brief conversation on how Gordon was doing. I'm sure little bits and pieces of this'll show up in other posts as well, but for now I'm rather brain-dead, so have some pictures instead.

Me and Lepisto
hockeyandheels 036

Also, for those of you wondering, the locker room was not as bad smelling as this. That'd be derby pads in the wash, 6 months out from last wash. I swear, derby girls and hockey boys, together we'd be a force to be reckoned with. Come the zombie apocalypse, I know who I'm sticking with.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Admitting One's Faults...

I know I've been a crappy blogger, but there's been very little to actually report. The Pens are winning, MAF managed to shut the Bears down, I'm not going to be able to go to either game this weekend because of previous derby commitments (and the Phantoms game's sold out anyway...)

Probably the most interesting thing going on was the fact that the Bears had no practice space in town yesterday- there was wrestling at the old Hersheypark arena and something (Blue Man Group?) at Giant Center, so they got slotted in on the Milton Hershey School's outdoor ice rink. I really wish I would have heard that earlier, as I would have gone and taken pictures just for the picturesqueness of it. And since when is there an outdoor ice rink here? The things people don't tell you when you move into a town.

Grant Potulny sat that one out for a bruised ankle, and then was loaned later that day to the Springfield Falcons in exchange for defenseman Danny Syvret. I know I've heard of Syvret, but I'm not sure why, whether it was good or bad. Per Tim Leone, Motzko sat out because of back spasms, Ben Clymer had groin issues, Dean Arsene had back issues, Tyler Sloan did something to his knuckle, and Jamie Hunt is playing right now, but is probably gonna have another surgery next week to deal with the screws already in his wrist.

Come on, guys. Heal faster!

And speaking of healing, is there any interest at all in a timeline of Colby Armstrong's moveable nose? Because I've been told I should document that, but it seems like that could be some serious work, if nobody but me cares.

Update: Unsurprisingly, the Caps can't make up their minds. If they don't keep them until the Leafs game net weekend, I'm going to be slightly grumpy, as I have tickets for that.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Possibly Traumatizing

Thanks, Pensblog. I'm half tempted to print that out and go hang it over the Flyers fan's computer monitor at school. I think he might well Le Crap himself over it. And then continue in his futile attempt to badmouth the Pens.

(but srsly. Even the Tillamook couldn't save Briere at this point. What a joke. What a tool. What a no-talent hater midget. Why is he on my fantasy team again? Oh, that's right, because with Buffalo he was actually good at something.)


(That's right, I drank my Hatorade this morning. Lemme at 'em.)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mostly Excuses.

For anyone who's been wondering were I've been for the past while, take it up with the AHL schedulers (14 of 16 games away? FAIL) and the fact that even NOT living in a dorm, I've somehow managed to come down with the Phlegmmy Plague. Not the Puking Your Eyes Out Plague, which I also hear is going around, but the one where your head's full of snot and all you want to do is sleep.

You almost got a Gettysburg College/Whoever They Were Playing recap last night, but as I literally ate the remainder of yesterday's Pringles and collapsed after work, I sorta wasn't awake for that. I was supposed to go to a derby party too, which didn't so much happen.

It's rather pathetic when you're storing up your energy to go to WORK because you need the money. Oh well. Maybe profs will actually consider "I couldn't stay awake to read" a legitimate excuse. Is this the version of mono I never had?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh, for the love of.....

Guess who's going to Washington again?

Of course, as OFB reports, he knows where his towel is. I always knew he was a smart kid.


(shamelessly stolen from The Sidney Crosby Show c/o Yahoo Sports)

Because, c'mon, my two favorite Penguins celebrating Orpik's first goal in like, FOREVER? Even with all the losses last night, that's still full of warm fuzzy. Rumor has it that Army's closing in on 100 career points too.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The, hell, yo?

Nevermind. Lepisto got in an NHL practice, but is back to Hershey as of post-practice, seeing as how he was insurance for Erskine and Erskine decided he could play.(thanks to el Bashir.) Hear that Olie liked him, at least. Welcome back, Sami.

really, we have to start annoucing these all at the SAME TIME.

The Cheez and Kyle Wilson have made the AHL 50 Top Prospects trading card deck!

bears_babysharks 202
I've done what, now?

Congrats, Kyle and Daren!


One of these days I'm going to remember that you don't suddenly pick up a random player without something else happening...

Patrick McNeill is back.....

Patrick McNeill thinking really hard

therefore Sami Lepisto's on his way to Washington D.C!

sami lepisto

It sucks a heck of a lot for us, because Lepsito's one of the most solid blueliners we've got, but heck... I'm glad he's getting the big chance.

Monday, February 11, 2008

And now for something completely different....

In other news, Andrew Gordon is made of awesome.

Andrew Gordon pre-Anthem

But he knows that.

(I will attempt to get pictures of the crystal-giving ceremony, but I won't promise anything. You'll see 'em first if I get 'em.)

Also, welcome back Patrick McNeill. I missed you, even if nobody else did. Keep on improvin', buddy!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bears v. Baby Sharks

This was another of those "What the hell?" type games at Giant Center. I can't still put my finger on why, but it didn't start out well for the Bears when they let Graehme Friggin' Mink score 2.24 into the game. However, as opposed to the Wednesday Game O' Doom, the Bears didn't sit on it the way they tend to want to. At 4:49, Beagle responded with Gordon's help, and they left for intermission tied 1-1. In the second, Hershey came out like they meant it, scoring three goals (Motzko, Beagle, Barney) to Worcester's one, and then in the third, when they looked like the might be attempting to sit on their laurels, they managed to hammer out two more (Motzko, Clymer) in response to Worcester's two.

As far as the game went, however, it was a game of banging and poking and missing for both teams, but the Bears were definitely having a harder time from it. The Baby Sharks seem to have a lot of good puck handlers who can do the stupid little dipsy-doodles and a number of the Bears as a wanted to try to do the same thing, which was a bad idea on their part.

bears_babysharks 205
no, baby Army in the net does not count as a goal.

There was some issue with the visitors' net at the very beginning, when it refused to stay on the anchor numerous times. I get a little jittery every time there's a big delay of game like that, as I've seen it turn this team into a wibbling mass of goo a couple of times. Luckily, Woods seems to have been ramming spines down everyone's throats, as it wasn't an issue this go around.

Penalty-wise, it was a pretty damn boring game. It looked like there was going to be a Beagle/Clymer co-scrum once, but they just sorta shoved around and gave up. Flinn, the hired muscle, finally got in to play, but was really kind of less than impressive without a big fight. It seems from what he did that Clymer and Arsene should really be able to handle the shoving side of things, as they've already been doing that for a while. There was one blooded Shark, but that seemed to have come from the kick-back on a stick that broke and flew up to catch him in the mouth.

Here's a new one for you long-time THTM readers, which may become a post game feature:

Three Stars from the Bears for me would have been Deano, Beagle, Bourque. (as much as I hate to admit it) Deano was intimidating the heck out of anyone he could, and throwing himself bodily into things. Beagle, similarly, was everywhere he could be, and following pucks in. Bourque was taking shots. Even when he might not have made them, he was trying, which is a nice change from the Bears of a few weeks ago who just wanted to play with the puck and never shoot.
bears_babysharks 055bears_babysharks 074

Three Sucking Holes from the Bears: Motzko, Boumedienne, Pokulok.
Motzko and Boomer were both having awareness issues tonight. Motzko this is nothing new for, but Boomer just looked tired, and wasn't moving his head, which lead to him missing four or five good ones behind him because he wasn't paying attention. Pokulok just doesn't move. He's big, and should be able to get there, but he and McAllister just don't play a body-oriented game, which they need to, as the big guys.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Plus/Minus THIS, baby.

Andrew Gordon, currently 11th in the league at +19 (by my potentially bad mental calculations.)

Sami Lepisto, currently second at +25. +25 Holy addition, Batman.

Gordo's Second Goal
Almost too much awesome for one picture.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Random Things I Realized In The Last Few Days

Number one, on the topic of my impending doom at the hands of Capitals AND Penguins fans when I visit their home arenas and am willing to admit that I'm really kind of attached to both of them:

I was thinking the other day about WHY I like both of them, and there are a lot of initial surface similarities.
They're both really young teams, player-age wise. I'm not opposed to being a fan of the older guys (Olie is the bomb diggity, yo, did I really just say that, and who could disrespect Gary Roberts?) However, there's something that's just fun about watching people in my age group out there, and that's when you get into the psychology of the sports fan and needing to connect with the athlete. Both the Caps and the Pens have that young base to them.

They both have a couple of players who are really just insanely skilled. And not just Sid and Ovie. There's Malkin and Backstrom too, and possibly Semin and Staal (if he'll wake the HECK UP.)

They have a goofball. Okay, so the Caps have more than one goofball if you look at Greenie and Ovie and basically any of the team interacting with any of the rest of the team. The Pens are forever monopolizing on the horrible comedic timing of Mad Max and Army, and this year Fleury's appeared on the scene as the practical joke force to be reckoned with.

But I think the reason I can get away with liking them both is this:

Go back to high school. The Penguins are that group of kids who are in the choir and NHS and running for class office. The Caps are the kids who skateboard down the hallways when they think they won't get caught and like to say things to rile teachers up and probably are at least peripherally involved in the theatre.

But what does this mean for me? Well obviously, now as then, I'm one of those straddlers, a freakin' NHS/Theatre kid who likes riling people up but still being in charge of stuff once in a while.

Number Two:
I've figured out where Beagle and Gordon differ in playing styles. I've been trying to figure it out for a while, and I can't say I'm a professional or anything, but here's what I see. Some of this may be attributable to the fact that Gordon's a winger while Beagle's a center, but I'm not one to know better right now.

Very kick-his-own-assy. Incredibly RIDICULOUSLY fast. Will always be moving towards the puck at any given moment. DOES NOT HOLD STILL. Goes in and really scraps for it when needed. AMAZING skill at winning the wall-scrum pucks and/or just holding the other guy off. Faceoffs, yes please. Also seems incredibly selfless on the ice, as he'll hand off pucks he might well have scored from to others if they look to be in a better place.

Moving, but usually moving around the periphery. Doesn't usually seem to get involved in the "smash him against the wall" puck battles, but always seems to be the one that it squirts out to. In-freaking-CREDiBLE grasp of positioning and absolutely revoltingly good awareness. Eventually, he's going to be the one who can do the Gretzky-esque blind passes to teammates half the ice away and KNOW without fail where they are. He's ALWAYS in the right place, as evidenced by the two hat trick games.

So really, take from that what you will, but this is what I've been noticing lately.

I should also really be writing papers for school. See what I do for you people?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We are the Pirates who don't do any..... oh, wait.

Dear Bears.
It's a 60 minute game. That would be 3 periods of 20. PLEASE to be playing all 60 in the future? If I can play it, you can play it. You're all in much better shape than I am. Okay?

Thanks in advance,

This was, in short, a very painful game for everyone not named Andrew Gordon. As I said to Caps Chick, this game was made of fail unless you were Andrew Gordon, because he almost had the entire Pirates bench fooled into believing that it didn't REALLY take 20+ people to make up a team.

VERY. FOCUSED. My Gordon Hat Trick Jersey

This jersey, it's like magic, I tell you. Second time I've worn it, second AHL hat trick for Gordo. Pretty soon here, I'm going to have to start charging to wear this thing. If anyone has a picture of his second goal celebration with the leg up double fist pump, I'd love a copy. I was sitting behind the goal on that one, and it's murderously hard to get that angle. I did, however, get a virtual lapful of Beagle and Gordon celebrating, which, if I can let the inner girl out for a minute, was so incredibly excitably adorable on so many different levels that I almost said "Awwwwww." But I didn't. IMPORTANT NOTE. BUT I DIDN'T.


Deano had a good fight I am handily giving him the win in even though he was wrestled to the ground. Clymer stepped up and punched a guy off of Beagle's back at one point, and Louie, well, just isn't Louie unless he goes after a dude. Here's hoping that Kayden Michael Robitaille makes it through grade school before starting to take after his father. (Kid is a cutie, though. They showed him to us on the jumbotron tonight.)

Other randomly noticed things:
Beagle had a bad case of Tampon Nose halfway through the first. I'm not sure when he got hit, but I'm guessing he wasn't just doing it because it felt cool. He's also got a fan club up in the 200 section that's new, for "Beagle's Dog Pound." It looks like Beagle's finally starting to get himself back together after the concussion, as he's looking faster and more on top of stuff again.
bears_pirates 2_6 045 the focus, it burns!
Is she talking about me AGAIN?

McAllister, still not impressive for a guy of that size. I really want him to be in there all over the place being intimidating and throwing himself around, but a Bourque-sized Pirate shoved him out of the way and ran by tonight.

Pirate wise, Baby Crunchy...
bears_pirates 2_6 040
(thanks for the name,Interchangeable Parts)
...kind of a little punk. Kept trying to agitate people and then backing off when they were willing to go. I think he might have been the one Beagle was clearly calling a "little bitch" to his face at one point. He also might have been the one Boumedienne had in a headlock. We can only hope.

bears_pirates 2_6 033

Replacement Pirate goalie Mike McKenna also um... well, yarked all over the ice tonight. Guess he wasn't feeling too good, but I can't imagine trying to get vomit-smell out of a goalie mask. I don't envy that equipment guy.

I don't know if I'm allowed to admit this here, but I'm also confirmed as a participant in the Caps' "Hockey and Heels" event on the 25th. I'm really doing it as thesis research, but hey, if I can have some fun with it at the same time, why the heck not? If anyone else is going to be there. lemme know.

Also, finally, to end with A Completely Selfish THTM Request.
If anyone out there reading this has the wherewithal to get me one of the Caps "Young Guns" posters, I'm willing to... well... negotiate, probably in the form of baked goods or knitwear, possibly photography. It doesn't even have to be signed, just the poster will do.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The French Connection

I promise there will be Bears pictures tomorrow... they play the Pirates and I have tickets. Until then, be happy with the MAF/Talbot Inside Penguins Hockey... and video of Fleury in Army's gear bag. (you'd think he'd notice the difference between EMPTY gear bag and BAG OF FRENCH CANADIAN 6FOOT GOALIE, but that Army, not the most clued-in guys, sometimes.)

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bears v. Rats, 2/2/08

Velcom back to the show, sports fans. Another day, another Supermanesque change into "Intrepid Girl Reporter" in the pool locker room, surprisingly a day that I remember to bring my internet cable. So far so good.

Your dance card tonight is Hershey Bears v. Albany River Rats, which always seems to be the matchup I wind up in the pressbox for. Regretfully, since I'm up here, I'm not wearing the Gordon jersey, but I swear, I'll put it on when I get home and take a picture so y'all can see I'm really not just full of it.

Lineup tonight based on warmups looks pretty standard with the addition of #20 Ryan Flinn tot he Bears, on loan from the Falcons for Morgan (if I remember the player-shuffle right) As I've heard it, Flinn's the hired goon, more or less. Of course, his wearing #20 does some wierd things in my synapses, but luckily he's a scratch tonight, so I can attempt to remain more or less sane for the duration.

There's a very LARGE woman with very LARGE hair standing up on the glass behind the Bears bench in an Arsene jersey, and I keep mistaking her for Cocoa. BAD NEWS, lady, when I mistake you for a fat stuffed bear. It's also Return of the Worst Anthem Singer Ever, who I can almost cut slack for being nervous, but nervous or not, that was a key-change in the middle and a hiccup after that. Come ON.

Starting lineup: Gordon, Potulny, Joudrey, Sloan, Arsene, Cheezer.

Period 1
19:51 I give you a Potulny v. Conboy. Nine seconds, boys. Nine. Niiiice.

19:41 Scrum originating behind the net, Louie's got one, but it looked like it started with someone else, when two Rats ganged up on one of the Bears and ran him into the corner. I think it may have been Lepisto, but it was just sort of a seething mass of red and white, so it was hard to tell.
Looks like Louie's broken something, as they're playing his song and he's returning jerseyless to the bench and heading off. We're at 5 on 4 now, favor Bears.

17:49 Fehr's all over the place tonight. There've been a couplea good stick moves by him and a some good fully-body uses. For a big guy, he gets around more that I've been expecting him to.

Lovely thwacking pad stop from Machesney that the Bears managed to run down into the other end but can't quite squeeze past Leighton. Which is a pity, as any time Machesney gets an assist, it's a fun night.

15:30 Lepisto loses, skating by the net a little to close and tipping it over on Cheezer as he's in goalie crouch. He looks completely lost for a moment, and then manages to back out, rather indignantly. Suppose it's not every day that happens. Man, I wish I'd had a camera.

14:40 Really nice attempt by Gordon and Barney, Gordo picks up the puck on his way off the bench, gets faced with three Rats and drops it back to Barney, who would have had a point against a lesser goaltender. Damn you, Leighton.

12:02 Puck poked past Leighton post-whistle. Crowd is irate. Oh, settle, ya pansies. I coulda told you. Before you all jumped up and screamed, he had blown the whistle and was making nogoal hands. And the Bullshit chant? Completely misused there.

11:15 Machesney decides he's a field player and plays with the puck out behind the net. I almost hyperventilate silently as a Rat goes by in front of the empty crease. Somehow, this ends well, and the Bears clear.

10:12 Gordon trips on the puck and misses.
9:58 Gordon gets tangled in his feet and goes down. Not a good night for Gordon. I still believe. Get it going again. You can do it. Insert other motivational phrase here.

9:02 Paused as Leighton has a small hissy fit about some hole in his crease. God, what is it with the opposing team's goalies?

8:38 Bears score! Beagle, Fehr, and I'm gonna guess here.... Boumedienne. We'll see how right I am. (Fehr, Assists to Beagle and Boumedienne. I am unto a god.)

5:13 with 10 seconds left in the PP, we finally get a remotely PP like setup. Come on. come ON. You're letting them run you around. Clamp down, Bears.

3:40 Stunning display of man hugging, as Joudrey holds a Rat down for oh, what, a good 15 seconds?

2:45 Sloan in for tripping. I really think we need to give penalties different names. "Sloan for doing the horizontal foot pokey poke" sounds so much more fun.

Gordon channels Quintin Laing and takes a couplea nice ones in the body. Kid's got spirit, coming out and doing that after falling on himself twice, then getting stuck in a couple of wall sandwiches.

End of period 1, Bears with 1 pt, 14 shots, Rats with 0 pts, 8 shots.

Inter 1
Tragedy of this game? I think Jay Beagle's cut his hair, which completely invalidates the ridiculous nickname the Hloggers gave him. Either that or he's slicked it down in some newly creative way, but it's not making the normal bid for freedom out from under the helmet it normally is. I'm hoping this isn't a Samson moment, in which he chops his hair and then gets sent to South Carolina, because that would be beyond tragic. Geez, dude, just because I got the Gordon jersey doesn't mean I'm not still the obnoxious girl that yelled at you through training camp in DC. This non scoring haircutting emo thing has to stop and stop now. You get back out there and score. And grow your hair back.

Second Period
18:48 Welcome back No-Pass Motzko. Where have you been all game?

16:08 Sloan stops one brilliantly with his foot and comes off limping. He's still putting weight on it, but leaving to get it looked at.

15:38 Penalty as Louie heads towards the goal with the puck and winds up IN the goal without the puck. No penalty shot, but a completely wierd faceoff. Sloan's back out on the bench now, seems to be doing okay.

13:29 Lovely stop in front of the Cheez by one of the Bears, who turn it around and send it winging back down to the other side.... only to have a faceoff.

12:25 Nice cross-crease setup by Beagle... completely missed by Bourque. Those are the ones you need to be connecting with, boys. Those.

11:52 Rebound off a Bear body hits Cheez and dingles across the face of the net before finding a post and moseying out. Cheez wets himself, team yells, entire arena changes pants.

10:07 Shorthanded breakaway with Beagle and Bourque.. Beagle could have had it, but slips it to Bourque who hammers it past Leighton. 2-0, Bears.

8:54 Gordon with a second almost breakaway, hampered by as many Rat sticks as they could put in front of him. Complete robbery, if you ask me.

7:40 Another Gordon body puck stop with resulting glass sandwich and he STILL tries for the breakaway again.

Ref makes a bogus call as Leighton pretends to stop the puck. Okay, I guess we're having a stoppage now.

3:34 Okay, enough with the goddamned stoppage. Tired of this now. Want to see hockey.

3:20 Clymer tries to hit something or doesn't hit something, or gets hit by something, or something, but comes up holding his face.

As the guy next to me says "Louie's gonna do something stupid." And he does. With an other team penalty, Cheez pulled, and and extra Bear in, Louie picks a fight and comes off with his forehead like sirloin after having it shoved into the ice.

:43 Deano upends himself over Aucoin. No call, but the crowd sympathizes with the fall. I think he knew it was coming, hell, set himself up for it, so I'm not too worried about him, but man, it was pretty.

End of period 2, Bears with 2 pts, 21 shots, Rats with 0 pts, 11 shots.

Second Inter
Aww, tiny children hockey players. It's a shootout! This is the fullest I've seen the Giant Center in a long while. I'm assuming Wednesday may be even more full, but we're in the 10,000's tonight, I hear. (Hey, I really had to pee, lay off this one)

Third Period
19:11 Have decided I want to see a Pillow-Off between Cheez and Bryz.

17:28 When you can see Cheez's helmet moving he's yelling so emphatically, I'm thinking the rest of the team best be listening, because I firmly believe that he could put the hurt on just about any of the rest of them.

14:45 BEAUTIFUL one timer by Gordon off the powerplay, and he's there to catch the rebound, but it gets stuck in Broken Stick Land on the far side of the ice. Lamezors!

14:05 Arsene into the box for putting the pain on Jerome Samson Pronger-Style. Crowd disapproves.

12:55 Rat one on one with the Cheez, who stops it, then second guesses himself and Haseks over backwards, exposing the puck again. Luckily one of the other Bears is there, and the whistle was blown, but still a harrowing moment in goalieland.

11:26 Gordon trips over the Rat goal and dislodges it, then gets backed into a corner by two Rats as Leighton sprawls dramatically. Gordon into the box for goalie interference. Now, crowd, now is when you pull out the Bullshit chant. Not the emphatic boo, the bullshit chant.

10:54 Rats score. Hell and damnation, people.

9:52 Eric Fehr gets called on holding, the Rat swan dives, and Fehr tries to follow him down, then very blatantly gives the ref an earful. I'm not even a lip reader and I heard what he said.

8:50 Rats manage to pop another on in above the cheez's head that goes in, and then bounces back out. Crappy, but so it goes.

6:00 Bears score! Morgan and Wilson.

Gordon smushed, loses his helmet and grabs the back of his head. He's moving, so seems okay. just a little put out.
Helmet seems broken, as he's holding pieces when he comes back to the bench.

Another Bears score! Boumedienne with an assist, Motzko with a goal.

2:27 Barney shoves a Rat who falls over as he skates away. That's it, take it lying down.

:03 Insurance goal much? Bourque empty-nets one for a 5-2 Bear victory.