Detroit/Anaheim, Game 3, Blog-On-The-Run
May 16, 2007 | Filed in: Uncategorized

Man, I love me some checking. The Ducks seem angrier than they have been previously, as there was a nice almost-in-front of the bench check that didn’t touch the wall but took both involved down.
Both teams are starting to wear down something AWFUL too. I saw at least one Red Wing and McDonald from the Ducks do the “tripping on own feet” move. Haven’t yet seen anyone else eat it over their own feet in glorious fashion, but I’m sure that it’s happened. As for that ‘Looking Up And Falling Over’ move, they teach the Baby Pens to do it… I don’t know what everyone else’s excuse is. C’mon boys. If you can grow a real playoff beard, you’re too old to do the Penguin. I know, I know, they’ve been playing hockey every other night for the past two months and they’re exhausted, but still.

HOORAY! The Ducks finally played Bryz! And his first move was to do his best sieve impression and let Detroit freakin’ score again.

Of course, then in came Neidermayer and boarded Holmstrom in the head. Really, Holmstrom, can’t you keep your blood to yourself? I have to say that his wound pattern was interesting, if his head was slammed into the the boards. Somehow he managed to hit the upper right side of his face and the cheekbone of the left side. If that was one big smearing roll across the glass, nicely done. To me it looked more like the positioning for a stick that got caught in there, but I suppose rivets holding the boards together could do you some good damage in the soft facial area.

It seems odd to me that the NHL hasn’t yet instituted a “Lose the helmet, stop the play” rule. I mean, yes, then there’s an opportunity for losing teams to exploit it, but you’d think that it’d be pretty obvious if Player MacSmith threw his helmet off to stop a play versus being pasted into the boards and losing it. In derby, we can get penalties for improper equipment-we got penalized in our last bout for girls not wearing mouthguards, and it seems that if the NHL wants people wearing safety gear, they should keep them WEARING THE SAFETY GEAR.
Which brings me to another point. Why the heck aren’t hockey helmets kept on the head tighter by the chin straps? Every other helmet wearing sports player seems to be okay with the fact that they have to keep their chinstrap tight for their helmet to stay on. That’s one of the first things you learn in Elementary School Bike Safety-that if your helmet doesn’t stay on, it does your head no good. Why haven’t our NHL boys figured this out yet?

Also, mouthguards…. but I suppose if you play hockey, dentistry’s just really not an expense that you’re too worried about, are you.

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