B’ars! B’ars!
May 27, 2007 | Filed in: AHL, da b'ars

How exciting is it to move into a town only to have their (ahl) team make the Calder Cup playoffs? Yeah, it’s that exciting. I was actually under the impression that THIS series was the CC finals, but it turns out it’s the next one, so I don’t have to cheer for the Bears to lose a singular game to force them back to Hershey…. when they pummel the Monarchs, they’ll be coming back to play here anyway!

I’m not sure who I’m a fan of on the Bears yet… Deryk Engelland is so far amusing on the “man who can’t seem to spell any of his names like a normal human” ticket, and their goalie, Daren Machesney, is defiantley a leader in the “funny hair” party. Of course, we’ve all seen how well I do when I choose a fantasy hockey team based on the funny hair party, so we’ll have to see if Machesney can actually put his body in front of the puck or not.(guessing towards can, because the bears are this far along in the playoffs. Just sayin’.)

Anyway, this is a heck of a welcome to Hershey, PA.

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