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Let’s Go… Wooster?
May 30, 2007 | Filed in: AHL, da b'ars

In a startlingly prophetic turn of events, Wooster Ohio will be getting a hockey team. Now, this may not seem prophectic to y’all, but at some point, an announcer in Stanley Cup Finals game said something about the “Worchester Sharks” and I immediately went “But there can’t be hockey in Wooster… it’s tiny!” At that point there wasn’t, but I have since been PROVED WRONG, as the Mid-Atlantic Hockey League is dropping a pre-pre-pro hockey team into the hamlet of Wooster Ohio. Why does this even semi-excite me? Other than the fact that my mother went to the College of Wooster, (and played in teh bagpipe band, mind you), my grandmother and uncle live about half an hour from there. Which means that if I go visit them for wintery holidays, THERE’S LIVE HOCKEY (that’s not the Bears! (not that the Bears are bad, but for something new and different!(and on some levels the Bears are bad because they feed into the Caps, and… well, I’m not supposed to like the Caps.))).

Of course, they’re still looking for a name for the team. I’m thinking of sending in the suggestion the “Loud MacLeods” or the “Wooster MacLeods”(pronounced mac-clouds) which is the bright yellow and black tartan the College of Wooster bagpipe band wears. Perhaps that’s too girly for a hockey team though. What do you think, Manchester Monarchs?

(okay, I know that’s ‘monarch’ as in king and their logo is a lion, aka ‘king of the jungle’, but every time I hear it I immediately think of them as monarch butterflies… orange and black and kinda sissy.)

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