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Give me agency?
June 1, 2007 | Filed in: Uncategorized

The upcoming draft has my knickers sort of in a twist, because after the draft, dudes start shuffling. I’m fully aware of the fact that Malkin and Staal and Crosby are staying in Pittsburgh, (duh), but I’m apprehensive about Armstrong. I’m glad that he seems to be starting a record of “score under pressure” because it makes him look good to thems with the money, but I don’t know if he started working on that early enough.
I feel like the Pens would be ridiculous to let him wander off into the hockey ether, because if Crosby holds the team together, I feel like it’s Armstrong who helps to hold Crosby together, and not in a slashy way either. On any team, you’ve gotta have the goofball, because without the human pressure valve, teams start imploding. (I give you half the teams I’ve ever been on…. they get too serious and too focused and too wrapped up in the outcomes to remember that they should be having fun. If you’re getting paid 3 million dollars to play HOCKEY, for the love of god, have fun with it.)

Besides, I think the only other team I could stand to see Army on would be the Canucks, and wouldn’t that just be a kick in the pants after I moved cross-country AWAY from them. They’ve also got the Sedines, who are only one squirting flower away from a vaudville act anyway.

Lemeaux, get your head out of Crosbyland for a minute, and make Army sign the goshdarned piece of paper. Because really, someone’s gotta keep your new captain from OD’ing on Friends in the hotel room.

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