Panic! at the hockey rink.
June 5, 2007 | Filed in: pittsburgh penguins, vancouver canucks

..or lack thereof, more accurately. As of oh, two days agoish the Pens posted the first of their ’summer series’ interviews.

Number One, Colby Armstrong

Phew. Looks like they’re gonna keep him. Now I can NOT have to disown the Pens for the Flyers as a Pennsylvanian. I mean, I could always fall back on the Canucks, but there’s only so much Sedin I can take at once. (Has anyone else noticed that Henrik seems to be the ‘evil’ twin? Seriously, go check out the Canucks roster page.) And i don’t know if I could take Luongo’s angst for an entire season, the drama queen.

Of course, come the regular season, there are a whole host of teams I haven’t even SEEN play yet, so I may wind up being a Pens/Someone fan instead of a PENS/(canucksducks)fan.

Back to your regularly scheduled whatever.

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