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June 14, 2007 | Filed in: Uncategorized

Tidbit of the Day:

A 20 year old Don Cherry began his hockey career as a Hershey Bear in 1954-55’s season.

As for the awards show….
The NHL sure thought these started at 7, and VS sure seemed to think that they were airing them at 7:30. It’s now 8, and we’re STILL WATCHING KICKBOXING. I’ve been on hold with V.S. for about 10 minutes, and it’s getting pretty obvious that we’ll probably not be seeing it until at least 11 PM, if then.

Why does V.S. shoot themselves in the ass like this? They’ve got a whole bunch of irate hockey fans calling in, that’s why ALL CIRCUITS ARE BUSY. You don’t just scrub a show because you feel like showing kickboxing instead. That’s how you lose people.

It’s time the NHL just ponied up and made their own network or something. That’s gonna be the only way the average everyday hockey fan (without the money for center ice) can watch games soon, if this keeps going where it seems to be going.

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