Fashion forward?
June 20, 2007 | Filed in: Uncategorized

My hopes for the upcoming NHL jersey release.

I am hoping, seriously hoping against hope that with the release of the new RBK Edge jerseys, we’ll get women’s cut jerseys that look like…. well… REAL TEAM JERSEYS. RBK managed to figure it out for the All Star teams so I can only hope they’ll not throw away that effort when it comes to making the jerseys for the individual teams.

Because frankly, those pink and white pieces of crap piss me off. My team’s colors aren’t pink and white. Of the two teams that I really follow, the closet you get to pink is the red in the bottom of the Canuck C, and I think you might be attacked by a rabid Sedin if you tried to push that too far.

Seriously, making “women’s cut” jerseys predominantly in ‘baby girl’ colors (there are a couple of teams that figured it out… see the Blues.)is almost insulting. It implies that women aren’t into the game enough to want to wear a “real” jersey and all we want to be is fashion plates…. albeit in pink and white.

Yeah, you can argue that a real fan wouldn’t want to wear a women’s-cut jersey because it’s not OMGEXACTLY WHAT THE TEAM WEARS, but that’s because a women’s cut jersey wouldn’t fit the majority of the team. Similarly, a men’s cut jersey doesn’t fit my girly body. Oh sure, it goes on, but even in a men’s small, I haul around a small dresses’ worth of excess fabric.

I don’t even look GOOD in pink and white.

I’ll be waiting to buy a new jersey until the new jersey release. Hopefully they’ll figure it out after that.

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