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Colby Armstrong, quit being a money grubbing man whore and sign the goddamned contract. You already make more than most 25 year olds by a factor of ten, so just shut your yap and get with it.

And with that, to prove a point:
Things that are Wrong with the World:

League minimum payment for a player in the NHL is $450,000
League minimum payment for a player in the MLB is $380,000
League minimum payment for a player in the NFL is $285,000 (with NO EXPERIENCE)
League minimum payment for a player in the NBA is $427,163 (with NO EXPERIENCE)

Entry level job that I am looking at is $34,000.

NHL players chase a little rubber thing around the ice with sticks for 60 minutes.
MLB players whack a leather thing with a stick and run in circles for 9 innings.
NFL players whack each other and throw a bizarre little ball for an hour.
NBA players chase each other up and down a court for 40 minutes.

I am interested in educating America’s future (and possibly Canada’s, if the Vancouver Maritime Museum will eventually hire me,) and preserving parts of the past for the purpose of educating the future.

Only the MLS people have their heads on straight. Starting salary for an MLS player? $24,000. Yes, friends, that is an accurate starting salary for ANY entry level job. Regardless of how brilliant you are at whatever it is you do.

(it’s okay, NHL. I love you anyway. But I do wish that you’d quit giving these 18 year old high school graduates a salary that a 21 year old college graduate will never be able to achieve even with her masters’ degree. Seriously, how many of them will never even make it? And how many people will I eventually edumacate somehow?)

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